Saturday, October 9, 2010

Cleanup Drive of Sahakarnagar-2 playground on 10/10/10

Inspired by news of enviro-social events taking place on Sunday, 10/10/10 all over the world, my sister and I thought of doing something local, that would make things better for us and our neighbors.

And so we have taken this initiative :
A Cleanup drive of the sahakarnagar-2 playground near our place! (Pune-411009)

Please follow this facebook event invite if you are interested:

The Sahakarnagar-2 Playground is the hub of all outdoor sports activities in the area and is famous among local cricket and football players. But recently it's gotten littered all over with pieces of paper and plastic.

We, the citizens in the locality and nearby and hopefully all players who will be there at the time, are going to clean it up! We have spread the word among shops in the locality and distributed a few flyers (but can't spread many, that would be paper wastage). Tomorrow I'll be doing a door-to-door among the buildings surrounding the ground in the morning. Hopefully we'll be able to get the kids in the area involved!

So if you're interested, do join us at 4.30 pm at the bikes-parking opp. Swati Apts adjoining the ground for briefing, and team formation. The whole cleanup ought to take less than half an hour if there are enough people gathered!
You can find the playground on google maps with this link:,73.848601&spn=0.003149,0.004308&z=18

Please SMS me on 966-583-1250 if you're interested, or call if any enquiries or if you can help.

I'd like to know where we can buy bio-degradable waste bags.

Also pls forward this to friends who might be interested.


umapoems said...

A very usefull post and work .Keep it up..following your link

Btw,could you read my post
and vote to support me

Nikhil Sheth said...’s global day of action on 10/10/10 got a tremendous response, with over 7000 people from all over the world participating in whatever way they could.
And that includes this drive!

Catch the highlights of that day here:!/saved-search/%23101010 (twitter search for #101010)

Our cleanup event with pics:

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