Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"Move On!!"

There are times in life when some people you know may not like to be held accountable for their mistakes; and they do not like to apologize for them either. They think doing so will weaken them.

When you show them their errors, bring out the truth that they didn't know earlier,
And ask them to resolve the problem, undo their mistakes, clear out their prejudices and apologize to the people they have wronged so there are no more hard feelings,

They tell you to "move on" or "get lost" or "get a life" or worst of all - ignore you completely - and go back into their tiny little shells.

How are you supposed to explain to them that it's them who's not moving on, by clinging on to a wrong belief, a prejudice, by hiding in the shadows and refusing to face the light?

How can you convey to them that the true path of moving forward is to uncover the truth and acknowledge it?

How can you remind them that fate is never kind to those who had no honor or accountability?

How can you explain them that the true measure of strength is to stand up and be accountable for everything you do, instead of dodging and telling the wronged person to "move on" or "get lost" ?

How can you warn them that what goes around comes around? That if they keep this up, someday someone they care for may develop the same misconceptions about them, ruin what was good and pure and then order them to "move on" ?

If you never really cared about these people, if they meant absolutely nothing to you, it wouldn't really matter. But what if you do care? What if they are like family to you? What if they mean the world to you? What if you don't want them to have to endure the same trauma they have mistakenly put someone else through? What if you want them to become better people instead of regressing?

Aren't we social beings? Aren't we supposed to look out for each other? Is it wrong to care for your own?
No, it's not. It's what makes us human.
So why do they admonish the one who tries to help them come around, who is trying to show them the truth?
I know it's not considered nice to tell people what they don't want to hear,
But I also know this : There is a difference between what someone wants, and what he/she needs.
If you can look beyond the wants and perceive the needs, you have a chance to really help someone.

Wants will keep changing with time, don't worry about it. Keep giving them what they need, what everybody needs - the truth. Hopefully, one day they'll learn to listen, respond, and then you can truly Move On.

1 comment:

Wilkim said...

It is good to know how you can handle situations like thses cause sometimes you tend not to open up the "truth" in the fear that you may get a backlash from them.
Cannot access your blog from office and hardly get time to check my mails too....

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