Monday, April 18, 2011

Comment posted regarding Wikipedia for Schools... on Jimmy Wales' blog

Just posted a comment on... JIMMY WALES' BLOG!

Hi Mr.Wales,
I started spreading the Kiwix version of Wikipedia for Schools (2008/09 edition - the only one out there at present) since Jan 2011 when I was looking for something of this sort to put in the net-less computer lab in a school I'm volunteering with. The Kiwix version it's a lot more portable, compact (4GB compressed to 2.8GB and only one file for all the content) and is available for download from

I've started a page and a map (for India) where volunteers can co-ordinate on spreading the package (I've christened it WFSOE - wikipedia for schools, offline edition) (a wikia education pg) (a google maps link pg)
I'll be joining a 2-yr fellowship programmed shortly where I'll work as a teacher at under-resourced schools in 3 cities in India, as part of a movement to battle educational inequity. The Wikipedia for Schools fills a huge gap and can turn any simple computer into a digital reference library for students, giving them access to information that would be otherwise too expensive for them. I will try to spread this to my cohort of 400+ young people when our training begins in 2 weeks time.

Damn, so many typos and logical errors! I won't be teaching in 3 different cities.. my TFI group will !

Read his post here:

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Kelson said...

Hi, may you please set up the tag "kiwix" for this blog post? kelson

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