Friday, April 1, 2011

Expatriates of India and Pakistan can show us the way to peaceful co-existence

'India and Pakistan Peace Programme.'
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(a conversation in a group "One thought can change India" on Facebook)

My comment:
P2P - people to people is the only way, even in flame wars we see that they lead to comical acknowledgements of our own sillyness rather than prolonged conflict.

A great place to start is the EXPATRIATE population of both countries living in large numbers in the Gulf and the West.There, Indians and Pakistanis live comfortably with each other and have warm relations, with the kids occasionally playing Indo-Pak matches of their own! So, any government envoy of one country to the other, should ideally be a person who has grown up in such an environment of bonhomie and has childhood friends from the other country. If you have a childhood friend in a place, you are less likely to allow a war to happen there.

An even better option would be cross-border couples, but then you better be careful if they ever get divorced ;)

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