Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Feedback for Univeral Subtitles Project

Background : This is an open-source project underway in Mozilla Drumbeat to create a wiki-way of adding subtitles, in any language, to any video. It addresses the long-felt need to crowd-source and make easy the taks of adding subtitles to videos worth sharing with all the people even if they're deaf or can't understand the original language.

I submitted this feedback there; posting it here for my own record as well. Basically brainstorming on ways to take the project forward - it needs some fresh work.

Check out my speech over there:
Thanks to this I could make several parts of it legible! (The audio was a bit obscure at places)

Feature Request: Please have a mode where I can simply enter the minute:seconds, enter the text, and specify either the duration or the end times, watching the video on the same page. Then in next stage I can simply make minute adjustments. (more ideas shared; expand this article to read all of them)

In stage 2, keep a pin-pointer on the centre of the timeline or the exact point where the subtitle will be submitted if i enter it. (this may be a bit vague).

Also, there should be an option to to record the movie time at which i started typing each entry, remembering that, and automatically inserting it there at stage 2, or a second in advance as I specify. An "auto-insert" feature if we may.

Feature request: How about if we expand the video timeline linearly like it happens in windows movie maker, move the cursor along this timeline instead of moving the timeling over the cursor, let the user click and drag it wherever we want, and just add / move the subtitles here like text caption boxes, again in the way windows movie maker allows us? It seems like a better way to do it. The present way is also good but somehow gives me a lot more tension.

Request : PLEASE make an offline software available for download! Please don't fear that we won't contribute anything online - that will happen too. But we really need to take this offline because the places where we want to translate, are typically places that don't have high-speech internet. The world needs this to be both online as well as offline. Please, this is a sincere request from a developing country where we need this.

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