Monday, October 24, 2011

Ebook : From Dictatorship to Democracy

An ebook that has been followed by activists worldwide to bring down dictatorships non-violently. This is the result of an unbroken chain in the development of non-violence as a SCIENCE and a STRATEGY rather than just moral posturing.

Gandhi ignited it. Albert Einstein caught it and spent the last years of his life propagating it. Gene Sharp took it from Einstein, set up the "Albert Einstein Institution" ( in his home and spent his lifetime converting the ideas into real, actionable strategies. He scripted a generic handbook listing 198 methods on non-violent action that can be used by activists anywhere on the planet to bring down dictators, tyrants and oppressors. And distributed it for free.

And it has. Whether the book itself was directly used or not, the simple ideas inside it (non necessarily originating from there - most are just common sense when you put your head to it) have done something so powerful, so unstoppable, that it's brought about non-violent revolutions or severely scared tyrants all over the globe - Serbia, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Tibet, Myanmar... They're even powering the recent worldwide protests sparked by "Occupy Wall Street".

It's even led to the production of a documentary film "How to Start a Revolution": here's the trailer:

So take it and spread it.

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