Sunday, August 4, 2013

Climate change activists and deniers: you're both right and you're both wrong

Environmentalists, beware. Time to see through the facade. The authorities' intentions were never aligned with the common good to begin with. Their main intentions have been control and extraction of wealth, and they will do whatever it takes to push ahead with it, they are especially keen on hijacking the environment movement.

This factor is what is pushing many people into denying climate change : for many the fight is with the exploitative policies and intrusion into citizens' lives being pushed in the name of environment. And then we have pollution-reduction advocates who get so desperate for ANY way to halt the exponential CO2 rise that they go into denial about the covert government agendas behind pollution control laws.

So I'm going to take a step here and make a statement : To environmental activists and climate change deniers : You are BOTH correct in what you're most passionate about. The problem is that you're passionate about two different things, and you're both ignoring what the other guy's concentrating on, while your push in your area of concentration is causing problems for the other.

What both of you need to realize is that your being right does not automatically make the opposite end 100% wrong.

Climate change is not one big hoax being peddled to rip people off and end their liberties. It is a reality that is being peddled to rip people off and end their liberties.

Climate change activists aren't agents of a grand conspiracy pushing a hoax; they're concerned about the planet's ecosystems rapidly becoming inhospitable to life.

Climate change deniers aren't agents of Big Oil or blind upholders of the status quo : they're just against being ripped off by rogue authorities, increasing state control and policing of people's lives, and the exploitation and violation of human rights.

Many climate change proponents are making a mistake by falling for governments' tricks and siding with legislations that do everything but solve the problem, while causing great problems for the people. Examples: cap'n'trade, carbon taxes, this tax, that tax, energy consumption policing, dams and nuclear power, international policing, etc. Amidst all of these they forget the simplest thing to do : shut down the bloody oil wells and refineries and abandon all attempts to keep up infinite growth on a finite planet. Instead of recognizing centralized industries as the culprit, they're focusing on citizens' consumption (who in the current paradigm being dictated by those industries, just don't have other choices).

Many climate change deniers are making a mistake by ignoring rising temperatures, rising frequency and intensity of natural calamities, fluctuating seasons and increasing deterioration of ecosystems, because they're focused on opposing the false solutions, which they have correctly seen through (and which the proponents failed at) for the frauds that they are.

So here we have a good example of running between two extreme bastions when the truth, and the sensible path forward, lies somewhere in the middle.
What we need to be aware of is that the main culprits causing the problems : the government-industrial complex, are benefiting by pitting these two sides against one another : by doing so they get to keep their industries going, and also rip the people off and gain greater control over people's lives as well. As long as the proponents and deniers keep accusing and fighting one another, these vested interests win, and the planet loses.

Update: This video on ongoing geoengineering (aerial spraying of metals, chemtrails) and the disasters it's bringing, should clear the air on many confusions about climate change, global warming.

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