Saturday, August 3, 2013

Is there really NOTHING we can do?

There are so many times when I've heard "there's bad shit happening all over, being done by vested interests, against the common good. They control everything. What CAN we do? We can't do anything about it. There is NOTHING we can do."

Well, avoiding the usual motivation / moral / philosophical / love-all dialogs, I'm going to try following another trail of breadcrumbs.

If it were true that there was really absolutely nothing that we, as simple people, could do...
Then please explain to me why there is such a large need for these vested interests to prevent the information about their activities from getting out? Why the massive censoring campaign that's underway in all corporate and government controlled media right now? Why the massive disinformation campaign wherever information is being leaked? Why the secrecy? Why the distractions? Why the attacks on whistle blowers? Is all of that being done just for timepass?

If it were true that there is really nothing we can do, then why go through so much trouble? Keeping truths from getting out, is an immensely expensive, resource intensive, time-consuming, high-stress process. Given how greedy they are, why would the vested interests even need to bother to do ANY of this, if there were really NOTHING that simple people could do?

It's because the premise is wrong. It seems there is a LOT that simple, ordinary people can do. It appears the vested interests are not in complete control; they seem to have everything to lose from more and more people becoming aware about their agendas. Not even getting to the point of people actually doing anything : even just awareness spreading seems to be scaring these guys out of their pants. Why else would they go through all the trouble to keep people in the dark??

What CAN we do? I don't really know the details. But I would suggest, as a battle strategy, that you do precisely what frightens your enemy the most; do precisely what your enemy is doing everything to prevent you from doing.

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