Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Why our global society is collapsing

I found this para on the website of a Portugese peace village named Tamera (doesn't really describe it so do click to find out more)  puts much of what I want to say in concise. So, reblogging it here (and, of course, I fully stand for what is written ahead):

Excerpt from T E R R A N O V A
 - Project for a Free Earth written by Dieter Duhm, all rights to the original author and website :

Our current society is collapsing because of inner contradictions, which can no longer be solved by conventional means. The human being is a "Zoon Politikon" – a societal being and as such is subject to the laws of society. 

At the same time, however, in accordance with his physical and spiritual nature, he is a member of the biosphere and as such subject to the laws of organic life. 

If these two laws contradict each other, disease, criminality, violence and war arise. 

Today we experience a planetary culmination of this contradiction. We experience global epidemics of disease and violence. 

Humankind has organized itself in the wrong way. It has established a way of living that does not comply with the laws of life. 

We have reached an apocalyptic limit beyond which no survival is possible. 

To overcome this dead end, we do not need mega-cities, nor trillion dollar technologies for Martian colonization. 

Instead, we need intelligent concepts for a new cohabitation of planet earth. 

We do not need reform, instead, we need a new direction of human evolution. We are at the beginning of the greatest revolution in history.

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