Thursday, September 12, 2013

Change the Game

Ok I know I'm being a fanboy right now, but..
TV Series Community, S03E22

She said, what I want was more important.
She's right. Right?
I mean, guys like me will tell you there's no right or wrong.
There's no real truths.
And as long as we all believe that,
Guys like me can never lose.
Because the truth is, I'm lying when I say that there's no truth.
The truth is.. the pathetically, stupidly, inconveniently obvious truth is
Helping only ourselves is bad, and helping each other is good.
It's that easy. You just stop thinking about what's good for you,
And start thinking about what's good for someone else.
And you can change the whole game, with just one move.

(and I've had a major real life experience that corroborates the last line. Yes, I will brag about it!)

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