Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Giving back

I got reminded of something shared in the book "Disciplined Minds" by Jeff Schmitt : If you ask a nurse or a public school teacher or a farmer or a barber to do some CSR, to "give back", to do some pro bono work, they'd scoff at you. Because their jobs aren't stealing anything from society to be giving back. 

It follows that the professions where giving back to society is seriously considered, are the ones stealing from society, exploiting the ecosystem. And the more exploitative the profession, the more honourable it is to "give back", to work "pro bono".

About the book: This book explains the social agenda of the process of professional training. Disciplined Minds shows how it is used to promote orthodoxy by detecting and weeding out dissident candidates and by exerting pressure on the rest to obey their instructors and abandon personal agendas such as social reform -- so that they, in turn, can perpetuate the system by squeezing the life out of the next generation.

You can download an audio version of the book here: http://www.unwelcomeguests.net/Disciplined_Minds

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