Sunday, September 1, 2013

It gets better

This para has been shared quite a lot earlier, saw it again today on facebook:
Soo true
Age of 22-27 is consider as difficult for Boys & Girls. Your ex- BFs & GFs are getting married, Your career has just started, Elders treat you as unproven
theorems, teenagers feel that you are too old to have in there group... You seem to enjoy both cartoon and news.. You can no longer eat whatever you wish without putting on weight.. You are not invited for weekend cricket/­ football matches.. Every Aunt you meet asks 'When are you getting married' while uncle asks 'What have you thought of your career' When the reality is that you are just riding the wave and going with the flow. You have all the confidence in the world but little achievements to show, You already have the first hand experience of the life, You know that whatever you have been taught about the world in schools has been sheer waste of time. You can be denied a job even after passing the test and you could be given a job if you know someone placed high enough.. Politics till now was a dirty word but now you feel it everywhere.. You know now love is not that blind and that friendship has its terms and conditions. You know there is nothing for granted and free lunches are not free. Your overconfidence is now making way for a humble conscience. You now know it is not exactly what we thought it would be."

I put in a response:
It gets better (optionally). After that the expecters tend to give up and move on to harassing other youngsters (or if we're lucky they just die), friends stop only partying and start sharing the pains they have to put up with on a daily basis in the successful life our elders were goading us to aim for. You get more comfortable with yourself. The humbler way of looking at life takes on a richness never experienced before. Connections with people start getting deeper. Cracks in the most sophisticated political clouds appear and the light of hope starts to pierce through. You can perceive better. You get used to being called Uncle and start enjoying the kids' company again, and some even look up to you as you share your life's experiences with them. You fervently want them to live as free, whole beings. The world that they will inherit gets more important to you than the one you have, and a desire to make it happier and more beautiful creeps over your being. Your conscious mind suddenly leaks out of your skull and envelopes everything around you; its focus shifts from your person to everything and everyone you care for. You stop depending on external incentives, and with that the frustration with major problems ends, as you now get greater pleasure from doing things you feel are right, regardless of the outcome. The journey starts to get ever more important than the destination. In letting go, you start to get back more and can appreciate the non-linearity, the counter-intuitiveness of the universe.

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