Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What the USA has turned into

This mailer serves a true picture of what the United States of America has turned into; what their governing elite are doing to their own people who dare to follow their conscience. This case smacks not of a democracy but a dictatorship, where "traitors" will be shown no mercy. I want to ask to Indian parents of youngsters that they want to send to the US for higher studies and career : Please pause and take a deeper look at what you're getting your children into. Even without getting trapped in such situations, their talent, their genius can be very easily be directed towards increasing the sum total of suffering on this planet (click to see an example of how)

Iraq Veterans Against the War | Newsletter

Iraq Veterans Against the War | Newsletter

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Dear Nikhil,

In 2006, after spending 1 year in Baghdad, Iraq as an intelligence analyst, Sara Beining decided that she could not return. She found it impossible to support an illegal and immoral war of aggression, and she was already suffering from symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. So Sara decided to take a stand. She deserted the Army and joined Iraq Veterans Against the War soon afterward.

Nearly 8 years later, Sara was apprehended by the Army and is now facing general court martial - the highest court in the military. If charged, Sara could spend a significant time in military prison, away from her 5 year old daughter.

Please help Sara fight to keep her family together by contributing to her legal fund.

Sara is an amazing mother, but her daughter is not the only person feeling her absence. In addition to being an active member for the past 8 years, Sara has been serving on IVAW's executive board since 2012. Her contributions to IVAW have helped the organization to become what it is today. Sara is a kind and generous friend, a bright, critical thinker, an excellent writer, and always brings a unique personal and political perspective to our work. We need her back!

After all of her many contributions to this movement, it's time for us to give back to SaraHelp us work to ensure that those who take a stand for their families, their health, and for what is morally and ethically just get a fair trial. Make a generous contribution to Sara's legal fund today.

IVAW works to build a service-member and veteran led movement that ends militarism by transforming ourselves, military culture, and American society. Sara leads by example; her actions remind those serving while suffering with post-traumatic stress and crises of conscience that they have the right to heal.

Help our movement by helping Sara. Make a generous contribution today.

In Solidarity,

Maggie, Matt, Joyce, and Julia
IVAW Staff

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