Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Some basic facts about Genetically Modified food

Some basic facts about GMOs :

Genetic Engineering is not nearly the same as hybridization. Unlike the age-old practice of selective breeding, genetic engineering forces genes from unrelated species to create an entirely new (and patentable) life form. As Summit speakerAndrew Kimbrell puts it, "genetic engineering is to traditional crossbreeding as the nuclear bomb is to the sword."

There is evidence of human death and illness. Find out how a genetically modified food supplement killed dozens of Americans and sickened thousands, and how the FDA covered up the full story and kept Congress in the dark. Find out why industry-funded research is faulty and specifically designed to avoid finding problems. Get the startling truth from independent research conducted around the world.

There are long-term environmental effects. GMO crops can easily cross-pollinate with organic or non-GMO crops. Find out how GMO crops are permanently contaminating your food supply, and why you should be alarmed.

GMOs don't yield more food or reduce pesticide use. Proponents of GMOs say they're necessary to feed a hungry world, but studies show just the opposite, concluding that GMOs have so far not reduced hunger and poverty, improved nutrition, or facilitated social and environmental sustainability. In fact, GMO farmers have to use MORE pesticides, further polluting the environment with toxic residues. And some GMO crops are even registered with the EPA as pesticides.

Doctors are prescribing non-GMO diets with huge success. Thousands of physicians all over the U.S. are following the advice of The American Academy of Environmental Medicine and advising patients to stop eating GMOs. What kind of results are they seeing in their patients? Prepare to be amazed!

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