Monday, October 5, 2015

How to use Formfuse add-on in Google Forms to automate the form creation process

How to use Formfuse add-on in Google Forms to automate the form creation process.

Create a form

Name if as per needs, delete default first question

If adding Formfuse for first time, click Add-ons > Get add-ons.. then find Formfuse in the marketplace-like thing and install it. Then come back to the Add-ons menu, you'll find Fomfuse entry there. Click Start.

Take first option (create questions from a sheet) and click Next

WAIT for 5 to 10 seconds. Do not follow the first instruction.
During this time, the add-on script creates a new sheet in your responses spreadsheet, and makes it ready. Now, after the first "Ok button greys out, click the "this sheet" link in second instruction.

That will open up your responses spreadsheet in a new tab (if it opens a blank window, go back to the form and click the same link again)
Check out the place. Not that this is another worksheet in your responses spreadsheet. The responses to the form themselves will come in the next "Form Responses 1" worksheet.

Now fill in your questions. I had already copied that format over and written out my questions on a local excel file, so simply copy-pasting from there.

Pasting it in..

Now, switch back to the form. (You can also close off the other tab once your questions are filled in).
Press the "Create" button on Formfuse pane.

Voila! The form starts populating itself!

You're done. You can close off the Formfuse pane now.

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