Thursday, December 11, 2014

Where has [insert name here] disappeared off to?

Just because the mainstream media of your country,
Including all major newspapers and TV news channels
Are actively engaged In complete information blackout,
Or censorship or negative selective reporting about [insert name here],
That was so much present in the news coverage till just some time back,

Doesn't mean it does not exist,
Doesn't mean it has stopped being relevant,
Doesn't mean they have stopped fighting for your children's future.

In fact, it means exactly the opposite.
And it means someone at the reigns of the news organizations,
is SHIT SCARED of what is happening.

Please seek out the information yourself. Search for it online. Check out that entity's official website. Ask people who you know to be knowing more.
Join the information underground, and spread what the mainstream doesn't want people to know.

And if you know what's good for you, stop blindly believing what centrally-controlled, remotely-operated, elite-owned, profiteering organizations are giving you as news. Take the basic facts, but for opinions and analysis, switch off the speculative bullshit, and do your own thinking.

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