Sunday, December 28, 2014

In response to the news of the horrific attacks on innocent civilians in Assam

In response to the news of the horrific attacks on innocent civilians in Assam:

We must condemn the senseless killings. But I urge my fellow human beings to think a little and not recommend more senseless killings in a fit of rage! These guys aren't exactly roaming around with "NDFB(S)" tattooed on their foreheads. They're going to be mingled in with civilians. What do you expect is going to happen with "shoot at sight" orders? A bush will shake and two machine guns will be emptied into it. And then we'll find the bullet-riddled bodies of  a mother and her 2 little children who were on their way somewhere and were avoiding running into armed men. And then NDFB(S) will use that incident to recruit even more fighters and become even more powerful.

This is what happens.. everywhere around the world, when orders like "shoot at sight", "hunt them down", "show no mercy" etc etc are given! This attack was a PROVOCATION, get it? If you get provoked into doing something stupid, then you have LOST and your enemy has won.

This is precisely the attitude and mentality that has CAUSED this dastardly attack to begin with. Of course some of the militia who attacked have seen their own loved ones getting butchered. That's what drove them to commit this insanity, don't you see? Please do this ruthlessness tactic of "shoot at sight", "hunt them down" etc only and only if you sincerely want the spiral of violence death to spread across Assam and her neighbouring states.

If not, then the immediate next step to be taken is to declare across all mediums that those among the NDFB(S)'s ranks who know that what has happened was wrong, are free to lay down their weapons and surrender to the authorities.. they WILL NOT BE KILLED if they do so and will be given full protection. We have the moral high ground : Do not lose it! Right now, 95% of the foot-soldiers of NDFB(S) know that what their leaders made them do was a heinous crime; on seeing a window to escape, they will gladly defect and hollow-out the organisation from the inside. They will also help the authorities in catching the masterminds and the funding entities behind this attack and this will bring REAL justice, not just more bloodshed, to the kin of the dead.

Dimaag laadao, Desh bachao !

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