Sunday, December 28, 2014

Is my mind telepathically triggering a program on my laptop?

[Warning : You are reading a testimony, not an attempt to prove anything. No point invading in.. just abandon it and move on in case of disagreement.]

It happened again. And I'm going to make a note of it now.

The two main browsers on my laptop are Firefox, and Chrome. I do not use Internet Explorer (IE), I've even removed its shortcuts from the main places.
The default web browser here is set as Chrome. So, if I open a link inside any offline program like, say, the pdf reader; or if a program opens up a website, then the chrome browser is what opens. Not IE.

But since quite some months now, IE just starts up out of nowhere and appears on my screen in a full window.

I checked out the background applications. Nothing seems to be trying to open a webpage. And if it did, it would be in Chrome.

There is no keyboard key or any shortcut or any mouse stroke that opens up IE. In all the instances till now, whether my hand was on the keyboard or not, there certainly wasn't any key combination pressed. Actually, most of the times my fingers were hovering well above the keyboard and mouse-touch-pad. Basically, no physical input of any kind from my end that can explain this "phantom appearance" of IE on my screen.

This phantom appearance of the IE browser isn't really random. It never opens up when I'm regularly working on the laptop; neither does it open up when I have left the laptop running and gone off.

There is a specific condition under which the phantom appearance happens, which is why I'm sharing this.

It happens at usually bed times when I'm drowsy and trying to do something on the laptop.
My eyes close or tune out of the screen for some time. In my mind I feel sleep take over.
The moment passes; I come back awake, and look at the screen. And what do I see?

I hadn't made this connection earlier, between my drowsings and the phantom appearances of IE. But one night, a few weeks ago, when I was really wanting to complete something and had stayed up late, I was momentarily drowsing off quite some times, and this phantom appearance happened every time. Each time I closed the window and made sure it's not operating in the background.The last couple of times, I had it in my mind, to check, after drowsing off and coming back, does it come back up?
And sure enough, there it was again! Theory confirmed!

This reduced my sleepiness considerably, and on further attempts of drowsing off momentarily, it didn't work again that night.

Some days later, on another stint, the phantom appearance happened again. And again some days later. And has happened on many nights.

Last night, it happened again. And I kept the browse open and the laptop on overnight, just to see it again in the morning when I wake up and am "sober" :P
And yes.. confirmed.. I hadn't been dreaming up of anything.. the browser was still there. I took a screenshot which you can see above.

(the IE homepage is set to some LAN server where this laptop was previously being used.. I haven't bothered changing it as hey, this doesn't weigh down the system)

So what could this mean?

It's following the same routine : I have to be *genuinely* drowsy, ALL my senses have to momentarily switch off.. my neck relaxes and my head drops down a bit, and then my mind must come back awake immediately. You've experienced it, right? If not at bedtime then maybe in a classroom lecture.. the words are droning on and on, you drop off for a moment and then you wake back up with a fright, hoping no one saw you drooping off, and then realizing that while people didn't notice that part, people did notice you waking up with a start!
Thankfully those classroom-drowsing-off days are past. But I digress.. let's get back to the matter.

So, after all my mind's running thoughts have stopped and a different type of subconsious feeling has spread like a cloud from the back-and-center of my head (that's where I feel it coming from.. mind you I'm not looking up any psychology or brain-structure material while writing this... honest!) to all of my mind, I'm not sure if my eyelids close or not, but I lose functionality of my eyes and ears..
... and just a moment later something activates, maybe to remind my mind that there is still something more to do. The subconscious cloud retreats, I regain function of my eyes and other senses, notice that I'm facing down or tilted or so. I return my gaze to the laptop screen, and there is IE sitting nice and pretty.

The all-running-thoughts in the mind coming to a halt is crucial. If there's even one thing still running.. any awareness at all, then the phantom appearance doesn't happen. That's why when proactively testing for this, I had the thought that "now the phantom appearance will happen again" running through my mind and so the condition wasn't fulfilled; the drowsing off wasn't genuine, and so the appearance hadn't happened.

This is one of the things that is SO true for the person experiencing it, but he / she will not be able to demonstrate it to others.
But in that same inability, lies a freedom : I am not obligated to demonstrate this.. I'm not stuck at any need for third person verification. This phenomenon is mine. I can freely talk about it.. and what happens after that, doesn't really matter.

Anyways, back to analyzing the phenomena:
I do feel a distinct feeling in my mind when this happens. And it's much, much closer to the sensation of falling asleep than to how I feel any time I'm awake.

Here are my theories
(warning : not for the overly skeptical. Move along, Sir. This is simply the conclusion remaining after evaluating and eliminating other possibilities)

There is a telepathic/kinetic phenomena happening here. In the specific transition of my mind from conscious to subconscious (and/or possibly back from subconscious to conscious), an ability to connect with the laptop, which, admittedly, is an extension of myself in many ways right now, is being triggered. The language is unclear and the only command going through is one to open IE (of all things!).
It's like how for a baby there is one first sound that it is able to make (when it's not crying that is).

Or, it could be my own mind/being doing this to remind me that I ought to cut back and go to sleep.

Right now I have no idea how one could go about refining this, or even if I want to. (Well, I'd at least want to change the program being triggered!) I also have no idea if this same effect might occur when I'm working on another laptop/computer, or on another operating system on this same laptop. At present, this is what it is.

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