Sunday, January 4, 2015

Who caused World War 2 ?

Whoa, just had a realization when I started reading this article :

Just remembered a part of world history... the years before World War 2...
The appeasement of Hitler's Germany

Why did the US, Britain and France appease Hitler so much?

Doing so, they allowed the Nazis to grow into the threat to the world that they eventually became.

So why did they appease them?

Because they wanted the Nazis to take out the Russians/Soviets. This was just post the Communist revolution in Russia.

It was the Western powers' desire to destroy the Soviets that cause the Second World War, that caused death and destruction on a scale never witnessed before.

Only when this Frankenstein turned on them, did they get moved to finally act against it.

The conventional line of thinking is that it was the Western powers, primarily the US, that ended WW2. What we don't read and hear as often, is that in their haste to torment an older enemy, they're the ones who made WW2 happen!

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