Friday, January 9, 2015

honest technical pointing-out : Modi Sarkar is already there in Delhi

Just FYI, the state of Delhi has been operating under Modi Sarkar
since he took office as PM this year.

Because Delhi state has been under direct Central rule since February 2013.
It can get confusing when we consider the nitty gritties of Presidents
Rule, governors etc, but here's a delineator : The President of India
does NOT have the kind of autonomy from the Prime Minister's Office as
the Chief Ministers of the various States of India do.

Which means, in comparison with a time when there was a Chief Minister
in charge of Delhi, today, it is under Central government rule. No,
the arrangement isn't such that no one is in charge : someone IS in
charge, someone IS to be held accountable for the day to day issues of
the state even if exactly WHO that someone is may be shrouded in
legalese. And as of today, those in charge of Delhi, ultimately have
to report to the Central Government.. the PMO. Such is not the case in
State governments. Though at an informal level such has been made the
case in all the states where BJP has recently won state elections by
promising Modi Sarkar.. essentially turning them into an informal kind
of Presidential Rule. Where the Chief Ministers are acting more as
Governors, where they will owe their seat's occupancy to whether the
PM approves of them or not and not to whether the people of that Sate
approve of them or not.

So whoever talks about bringing Modi Sarkar in Delhi, just a polite
reminder : It's already there. It is physically impossible to bring
something to Delhi that has already snuck in by default.

And whoever believes something great and good will happen by bringing
Modi Sarkar to Delhi, newsflash : Something in that direction should
have already begun by now.

So, do you notice anything different in Delhi?

In matters of life and death, such as safety of women or survival of
the poorest of the poor during the winter, to allege that Modi Sarkar
will do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for them till after the elections happen,
and combined with the fact that the Central govt, both past and
present, and the BJP party, has very clearly had a role to play in
indefinitely delaying of elections all this time, would amount to an
act of holding the people of Delhi to ransom, and abandoning of duties
of leadership in favour of electoral politicking. In comparison,
during its 49-day stint, the AAP initiated a slew of far-reaching
measures despite having a 100% guarantee that they will not complete
their term and need a re-election to secure their position. The AAP
chose to do whatever could be done in the time given, rather than
holding the people of Delhi to ransom. So yeah, I'd caution anyone who
tries to defend the Central govt's role in Delhi so far : by giving
the election reason they'll actually be asserting something much more

In fact, the best way to keep Modi Sarkar in Delhi is to eliminate any
chance of elections forever. They've managed to get delayed
indefinitely since almost an year now through the confusing inactions
of Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung who, in accordance with the
on-the-ground reality of completely messing up the mandate of the
Constitution, should have lost his position by now but remains in
office without any enquiry or reprimand whatsoever : an anomaly that
years on people are going to point out and ask what the heck was that
all about! The rule of Constitution in that region should be
suspended; India's independent status at least over the territory of
Delhi should be revoked and it should be declared as a colony of the
Central Govt. That would be the best way to maintain "Modi Sarkar" in
Delhi. Again, just to point out to readers : The ongoing BJP campaign
(if they're campaigning then surely they know the election dates?) is
no longer a campaign to bring in something new : It is a campaign to
maintain, and strengthen, the status quo.

Disclaimer : Facts as they are on the ground are much more important
than anybody's for- or against- opinion.

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