Wednesday, January 14, 2015

On the decision that Delhi's citizens have to make on 7 February 2015

First filter that citizens need to apply to list of possible choices in elections :

Uses Black Money for Election Campaign? -> No.

Results after applying filter :

1 entry remaining: AAP.
That's it, no more comparisons possible.

Whatever else you throw up for one or against the other, this basic critical criteria has been met by one party and not the others.

"Strong leadership" >> Then why use black money? If really strong leadership then why not fight fair and honest? Only a coward cheats.

"Stable government" >> Meaning you want to preserve the hell of a life that presently is for most people? Stably continue to let your leaders keep looting you? Don't demand any accountability? Don't punish corrupt leaderships? Didn't you want change?

"Will do dharna again" >> By what logic? Are you saying that the Central govt, ie, Modi Sarkar, is going to continue to let crimes against women : rapes, bride-burning, killing etc happen and will continue to order Delhi Police to look the other way and not do its duty? Because it was THIS situation that caused the dharna the last time. Police were kept too busy collecting bribes and facilitating black money collection, and were actively prevented from doing their real jobs. To say that this will happen again, means to say that Modi Sarkar is going to continue making Delhi unsafe for women. What would that imply about the character of the Central govt? What are you trying to imply?

"Will resign again" >> So this means you are already 100% sure these guys will be non-corrupt and very reliable and trustworthy in their job. Only in such a circumstance would you be afraid of a government resigning. Otherwise the normal concern with any leader is "Will never step out once put into power". And that was for upholding a promise made in public well in advance.

There's no point getting into any of these. The nature of funding is going to call the shots on what the elected representative does. Simple.

There's no need to over-complicate things.

Sort out what's more important to you. And bloody hell, stop over-complicating, stop over-speculating, evaluate efficiently and close the matter.

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