Monday, February 2, 2015

So you're saying you're against free markets?

"So you're saying you're against free markets? So you're against freedom and democracy? So you're for dictatorship? " 
>> I am actually disputing the assumption that the present economic system is a "free market" one. 

I believe that what we presently have is not a free market system at all. It is actually:

- a state-subsidized (free or near-free land post forceful acquisition, free freshwater in unlimited quantities with no obligations to replenishment, low-interest loans and govt-backed insurance through taxpayer bailout, indefinitely extended tax holidays, reduced or non-enforced obligations of adhering to labour rights and environmental standards) ,

- and state-protected (through police force cracking down on protests on behalf of the company, or stopping factory/land takeover by the local citizens, hence dropping the neutrality of the state in favour of the company) ,

- corporate monopoly (spurred through legalizing hostile takeovers, mergers and acquisitions, zero-cap ownership concentration) 

- coupled with strangulating and obstructive regulation and artificially higher costing (through higher interest rates, full costs for land and resources, etc) for any potential competitor to the reigning oligarch. 

I'm against corporatocracy, but you might end up believing that I'm against the free market system and democracy which you may erroneously assume is in operation.

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