Friday, August 28, 2015

starting stint

I wrote this in 2012 as a PS at the end of another email. It was in response to one family member's rubbishing of an amazing life-changing experience of mine based on the metric of whether I made any money off it or not.

...yes I was offered to get paid for my 1.5 month stint at Sadhana school outside Pune, but I declined. I did get to eat and live in a naturally air-conditioned mountain valley resort for free over the summer, eat several fresh mangoes and berries plucked from local trees, make family-like relations with several people around the area, had absolute autonomy in my work, had plenty of intellectual conversation, spawned some projects and laid the groundwork for some cool future business opportunities, radically improved my marathi, laughed heartily and lived joyfully and tension-free, and had almost zero expenses over the period, so that might square it. check out our pics here.

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