Saturday, August 29, 2015

the Lost Tribes of Palestine

Just thinking aloud:

Declaring themselves as the Lost Tribes of Palestine, and starting the quest for looking for a Promised Land...

... would really kick the zionists right in the balls, would demonstrate how they have repeated history rather than learning from it. Not about how they "are in danger of repeating" it or "are repeating it"... but how they HAVE repeated it. Case closed, verdict delivered, end of debate.

And it would do more.

The act of giving up on the claims to land, and rather just expressing simply and honestly that we just want to live a happy life, would bring everybody's attention right back to the humanitarian angle. Take the claims on land out of the equation, and suddenly the people on all sides who were looking for excuses for causing further conflict and misery, won't have anything to bank on. The humanitarian disaster that is being caused will suddenly have no cover to justify itself.

You did wrong, and now I'm gone. Goodbye abuser, I'm walking out of this abusive relationship. Keep your stinking house and property if that's what you're obsessed with.. I will start my life anew and be much happier off it. Even if things don't do well, better for me to die out in the cold than to suffer the death from a thousand cuts inflicted by you.

And it's when people do this symbolic act of giving up and moving on, of giving their abuser the shallow, empty victory that they were so malevolently fighting for, that, ironically, everybody gets the slap in the face they needed, is shaken out of their illusions and confusions, and starts doing what needs to be done.

Besides, there are regions all over the world right now that are experiencing a fatal collapse of population, and would be greatly helped if people came over with the desire to start life anew.

Grabbing of people's lands is a serious issue across the world. But I think the better way to address that is to go counter-intuitive and give up on the claims to land, and bring the focus back to what really matters : the life you live on it.

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