Tuesday, August 4, 2015

[Rethinking] Symptoms of the wrongness of the exam system

I believe this is just another symptom of a system simply operating ass-backwards wrong : Reality hates grossly unrealistic things and nothing is as grossly unrealistic as pinning the next generation's entire life paths on exams. Especially when the task before them is to undo the wrongs committed by their preceding generation, it is simply stupid to allow the preceding generation to evaluate them.. they will obviously reward those who will propagate the same wrongs and punish those who might actually solve things.



Speaking with The Telegraph, chief executive of the Oxford Cambridge and RSA (OCR) board – the UK's leading awarding body for providing A-level, GCSE, and vocational qualifications at over 13,000 centres – admitted how the board is forced to estimate grades after papers either get lost in the post or are put into wrong envelopes.

The confession has come following a crisis in confidence over exam-marking after appeals against A-level and GCSE results reached a record 450,000 last year alone.

This figure was an increase of almost 50 per cent in 12 months and the number of grades-changed was around 45,500.

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