Sunday, February 21, 2016

QEG Update: Advanced Tuning Video

Forwarding from FTW newsletter:
This video shows an array of never before see effects and footage from the QEG labs. Although we said all further QEG development would be private, we are inspired to open source the QEG tuning procedure, and made it publicly available.

This video is for builders or interested builders of the QEG. It's long, (3 hours) so get your pen and paper ready to take notes. James gives the following detailed descriptions in this video:

Updates on QEG development/manufacturing; what Torelco is offering (complete QEG 'kits' that come in 2 shipments, and parts are also sold individually. Gives links and email for placing orders.)

You'll get  full view of lab, equipment and QEG setups

James describes entire theory behind running the QEG on a harmonic when it's in full operation; shows how to start, run and load the generator on the harmonic

James shows exciter coil tuning; explains how radiant energy comes into the exciter coil and resides/circulates in secondary circuit, and what it means

James explains radiant energy utilization in the QEG

James explains core steel resonance and building the piezoelectric effect to make core vibrate (generates an amount of voltage beyond the conventional voltage that's generated in the QEG)

Discusses frequency differences between different QEGs (variables like steel type, degree of conditioning, etc.)

Safety precautions (monitoring parameters)

​For more information about the QEG visit our websites today!

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