Wednesday, February 3, 2016

HOW TO make Disqus comments work on a self-hosted wordpress site

..including making it show on PAGES and not just the posts!

..and not the regular one. I didn't try the regular one to begin with, just reasoned that yes i'd prefer it if comments load later and don't slow down the website.

Now, after enabling it all, it was coming on POSTS, not PAGES. We need it on pages too. 

So I went to Dashboard > Appearance > Editor, opened page.php, and where I found a line having "comments" in it, I inserted this below:
<?php comments_template(); 
//3 Feb 2016: NIKHIL added this to try getting Disqus comments to work on pages, 

(the // lines are just comments.. not necessary but good for tracking back later on)

And now Disqus is loading fine on my site!

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