Saturday, February 27, 2016

[Data] Pune Draft Budget 2016-17

Hello Friends,

We (CEE) have worked this year with Pune Municipal Corporation to get the 2016-17 Draft (Municipal Commissioner's) Budget released in a better way.
Please check out : (also linked to from PMC Budget page)

There, please click and download the various formats (simplified version will be very helpful for excel filtering / analysis), and you can browse the budget sections using some interactive tools. Attaching screenshots below.

Inviting your comments, questions, critiques at the website in the comments section at bottom of each page. Go to

Some of us in Datameet Pune chapter are also meeting up since a few weeks to work with the budget data. You can see some of the ongoing work on this online spreadsheet (simplified budget data is loaded, and sector-wise extracts are being categorized). If you would like to get involved, then please write in on pune [at]

Also, do check out the remaining sections on the website, particularly the "Prabhag Profiles & Budgets" section (scroll to the page's bottom!).

Note: Team mates still preparing due explanations and all for the "WISE Indexes" etc so pls be patient! Till then please download your copy of the budget data, start doing analysis of your chosen sector etc and please share your findings with us using the comments section on the website, or write in to us in Contact Us section.

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