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Interesting links for March 2016

Interesting links for March 2016
... As rising sea levels engulf the Maldives and particularly large tracts of low-lying Bangladesh, India becomes an obvious destination for their climate refugees. If you're alarmed at the prospect, reflect on the fact that migration might also likely happen in the other direction – desperate Indians also running away...
...They might end up being internal migrants, or migrate beyond our shores to places with more water or a more hospitable climate. Will they be received with greater grace than the Shiv Sena displayed a few years ago towards job-seeking migrants from North India?...
Good coverage on the serial murders of holistic doctors in US, and the possible links with vaccines that they were finding.
Harvard Goes To The Himalayas – Monks With 'Superhuman' Abilities Show Scientists What We Can All Do
Socialism vs Democratic Socialism
Acre by acre, this couple has grown a rainforest
Pamela and her husband Anil K Malhotra have spent the last 25 years buying denuded and abandoned agricultural land in Karnataka's Kodagu district and reforesting it...
The couple owns 300 acres of land in Brahmagiri, a mountain range in the Western Ghats.
The Malhotras' Save Animals Initiative (SAI) Sanctuary is probably the only private wildlife sanctuary in the country .
Encryption doesn't just protect your privacy — it also enables free expression. Encryption shields journalists and their sources, allowing individuals to tell powerful stories without placing themselves in imminent danger.

Shekru is a free smartphone android that lists agriculture related events in english and marathi. It can be downloaded from the following link.
AC Classrooms, Solar Power, Tablets for All Students – Welcome to a Municipal School in Maharashtra (funded and built by the parents)
... In choosing Trump over Clinton, Americans are opting to buy the real product instead of a badly packaged camouflage representation of that product.
...Clinton is the political mask of the corporate face of America, and this time around Americans wish to see the real face of their government, the rule of corporate America, and not some corrupt politician being funded by them to represent that face with a mask of fair play and warm wishes.
World's 1st eToilet turns poo & pee into power & water
Kurds want lands they control in Syria to become federation under Damascus - reports
... Syrian Kurds expect their experience to be applicable to other ethnicities and religious communities in Syria, according to Ali. "Our experience would be useful for Alawites and Sunnis. Perhaps, this is the key to [bringing] peace in our country."
... Rojava's interim constitution, officially known as the Charter of the Social Contract, came shortly after the declaration of autonomy. It calls for the peaceful coexistence of all ethnic and religious communities enjoying pluralism and democracy, but nonetheless stresses that the region shall remain an integral part of Syria.
Bhutan's dark secrets of happiness
Citizens of one of the happiest countries on Earth are surprisingly comfortable contemplating a topic many prefer to avoid. Is that the key to joy?
A Software Engineer Quits His Job To Establish A Organic Farm Which Has Rs 1 Cr Sales In Four Months
...Section 7, the Bill gives the government sweeping powers to make Aadhaar mandatory for a wide range of facilities and services. Further, Section 57 enables the government to impose Aadhaar identification in virtually any other context not mentioned. The Bill allows the government to make Aadhaar authentication compulsory for salary payments, old-age pensions, school enrolment, train bookings, anything and everything.
>> so I guess even in train bookings the adhar card entering boxes will be made compulsory soon. Let's see what happens when people try to elope now.
...In other similar arguments, the "oh, but the benefits outweigh the risks" approach also crops up very often. While this appears to be a seemingly pragmatic stance, it ignores the fact that we can have the cake and eat it as well. It's completely possible to have an identification system that is used to transfer subsidies and a piece of national privacy legislation that protects the rights of India's citizens. To argue otherwise, or to bring up 'benefits outweigh the risks' is to behave like a child; to want something right now simply because you want it.The governments of the last five years had ample time to pass a privacy law. They just never got around to doing it.
... The death of privacy in autocracies allows repressive governments to target their citizens. In democracies like India, however, the lack of privacy legislation is seen by officials, such as our Attorney-General, as a method of providing services and benefits to citizens. This confused and even shocking logic – in which the defenders of the UID system respond not by allaying privacy concerns but by insisting citizens have no privacy rights – seems characteristic of our Aadhaar-enabled future.
A new wave of climate insurgents defines itself as law-enforcers
Absurd Heroism
Gandhi's letter to Viceroy Lord Irwin before starting on the Dandi March
"Violent" vs "Nonviolent" Communication
Astragalus: The Super Herb that Prevents Cancer
Organic agriculture, agroecology and the parallel reality of the GMO evangelist
Smart application of traditional plant breeding techniques moves beyond GM, with much better results at lower costs and none of the risks.
Delhi government's major achievements in Education, Health & Transport
... In his speech, the Lt Governor also took up the issue of Delhi's share in Central taxes remaining stagnant since 2001-02 at Rs 325 crore despite the fact the Centre received Rs 1,30,000 crore from the contribution of people of the capital in the Central taxes every year.
Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal ranked 42nd on Fortune's 50 World's Greatest Leaders list

Delhi government to launch universal health insurance scheme, to cover 40 lakh families. (

The Delhi government has selected 30 principals from the 54 model schools in the Capital who will be sent to Cambridge University for global teachers' training programme. (

Delhi's tax revenue is likely to increase by 17 per cent, thanks to an "honest government" in office, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said. (

The Delhi government's trade and taxes department announced that VAT collections in the capital had exceeded Rs 20,000 crore in the current financial year. (

Delhi budget: This year funds for teacher training likely to be hiked by 11 times. (

Delhi govt to plant 15 lakh trees. (

3k mohalla sabha across Delhi soon to decentralise power. (

Free travel for disabled in all buses in Delhi. (

Delhi government to blacklist company that 'overworked, underpaid' workers. (

Delhi tourism minister Kapil Mishra detects scam involving security contractor, orders FIR and terminates contract. (

Delhi Assembly Budget session: Lighting installed in 42 of 46 major dark spots. (

Delhi budget 2016: Focus on health,  Aam Aadmi canteens likely to get 50 crores. (
Russian soldier who called airstrike on himself while surrounded by ISIS is hero
...The 25-year-old Russian was killed while on special operations in occupied Palmyra. In advance of the city's liberation by the Syrian Arab Army and its allies on the ground, his role was to identify and pass on the coordinates of ISIS targets in the city for airstrikes. Consequently, his mission could not have been more dangerous. This was proved when his location was uncovered by ISIS terrorists and they began closing in on him. Realizing what was happening, and rather than allow himself to be captured, Aleksandr called in an airstrike on himself.
from earlier, but bringing out the numbers of the russian offensive against ISIS
'You created ISIS!' Press conference scandal mars Kerry's visit to Italy
Govt working towards Bhagat Singh's idea of freedom: CM Arvind Kejriwal
... "This is the first state in which medicines and tests in all government hospitals are free. No poor person will have to die for want of money for treatment,"
Bad debts: RBI gives Supreme Court defaulter list, with confidentiality rider
>> You'll have to read this to understand the sheer extent to which the RBI is going to favour the defaulters, while the SC has clearly ruled that RBI should be defending the interests of the public, not of private defaulters, and that includes making public the names of the defaulters which RBI is refusing to do.
Rs 1.14 lakh crore of bad debts: The great government bank write-off
That is the amount of bad loans waived in last three financial years, more than the write-off in the previous nine
Bad debts: Write-offs big fraud, give us defaulter list, orders Supreme Court
Rs 3,342 crore loss: BoB (Bank of Baroda) reports biggest loss in banking history
Write-offs a scam, small loans rarely in it, says former RBI Deputy Governor
Wilful defaulters owe Rs 10,869 cr to PNB; top 10 firms make up one-third
Bihar Assembly passes liquor ban Bill unanimously
Bihar MLAs after passing the landmark bill have also unanimously resolved not to consume alcohol.
Mexican government urges media to shun music video with killing of woman
>> Glorification of honor killing by a Mexican musician. Sick, glorification of revenge and attaching criminalization to matters of love, blaming the women... who the f**k is any man to expect loyalty-else-death, to expect ownership over a woman like this?
>>Piped connection of hill region households to natural springs and tanks; sanitation/toilets at home; women empowerment
'Sitting ducks: Dangerous & dumb to keep building nuclear power plants' don't need a nuclear weapon to attack a nuclear power plant; it could be ordinary explosives and you could wind up with Chernobyl or Fukushima in different parts of the world. It's very dangerous and really dumb to keep building a nuclear power plants. We should stop making any new nuclear materials; there should be a moratorium on it.
... Even if you don't have a 'dirty bomb' – the reactor itself is a 'dirty bomb.' You can drop a bomb on it from the air. Indian Point is sitting on the Hudson River. They are little inlets we've tested with activists going up the river and sailing right up to the power plant, not being stopped. This is happening all over the world at European nuclear power plants. You could have a Fukushima situation or Chernobyl situation without a 'dirty bomb.'

>> 'sitting ducks' is precisely what I've previously labeled the Koodankulam, Jaitapur etc nuclear reactors being built in India, with India's security apparatus in absolutely no position to stop a simple bombing attack on these. And NO, we don't need their electricity.. their contribution to total power consumption is a minority, and the cost/KWh of these plants, if the govt subsidies are removed, is way beyond that of hydro, wind or solar. So why not redirect those same govt subsidies into solar or wind? Solar panels can't blow up.
Album: Each State Contributes To Making India Incredible. Here's How
Album: Bad Parenting

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