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Interesting Links for June 2016

Interesting Links for June 2016

Neighbourhood apps:
Free online Permaculture Course
Biowarfare over Cuban skies
>> from 1998, chronicling how the US sprayed a notorius asian pest called Thrips palmi karay over Cuba in a bid to destroy its agriculture. The same has been classified as a possible biowarfare agent due to its destructive properties and resistance to insecticides. Plenty of good counters to the "no that can't be" reaction.
Woman Refuses Conventional Treatment & Cures 4th Stage Cancer
CEO Modi must combine efficiency with empathy
>> The attacks in the comments are maybe the greatest evidence of the decline in empathy being witnessed among the disconnected middle classes who are the easiest victims of propaganda : having neither tacit ground-level knowledge nor commanding-position insider info. I must admit even I'm feeling too scared to comment there even if it was calling for just a calm-down.. the rage seems unlimited, we ought to invent a new term for this.. "digital rioting" ?? Forget the leader.. these supporters need to combine loyalty with empathy!
>> Comment sections like the one on this page can function as a good trap to identify and keep track of serial haters.. just sayin'...
Government announces policy to make Delhi 'Solar City'
Delhi finally starts switching on the sun
Read more about Delhi's solar rooftop policy
... "Rooftop solar systems offer sustainable energy, environmental benefits, low gestation period and minimum transmission and distribution losses".
AAP ready to face polls any time in Goa
>> in response, a faking-news headline : BJP supporters take vow to stop visiting Goa if AAP wins there; all local women's rights groups respond by declaring full support for AAP as the best way to "relieve Goa from rampant sexual harassment by sex-crazed repressed-at-home male tourists". One group declares, "if the police force here comes under control of a government that is criminal-free and rapist-free, then Goa will soon become India's safest place for women, and so we expect many times more tourism, and much better quality tourism, from all over India and the world once that happens. The loss of predominantly misogynist tourists will actually be a blessing for all of us."
How One School Used Solar Power to Go from Being an Electricity Consumer to Electricity Producer
... Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education (SAICE), Pondicherry, is not only self-reliant in terms of energy but is also sharing the excess it produces with other buildings in the area.
... Thus, after the solar plant was set up, 700 kWh of excess energy was exported back into the power grid during the first month.
... The Ashram already produces its own rice, lentils, vegetable, milk and cooking oil that are needed in the community dining room on a daily basis. This is an added step towards sustainability.
... The entire project cost about Rs. 1 crore and was completely funded by the Ashram itself. But this, according to Dr. Mohanty, is a profitable deal. Because the cost-benefit analysis of the solar power project shows that the capital investment on the project can be recovered roughly in 10 years from the savings in electricity bills.
Tribute to Madhavi Kapur: 'She was an educationist in the true sense'
Pioneering educationist Kapur, who is the first principal of Rewachand Bhojwani School and founder, Aman Setu School, passed away on Wednesday
TBI BLOGS: She Rides the Bike, Studies Law and Governs Her Panchayat. Rakhi Paliwal is Badass!
Akira Miyawaki is a Japanese botanist and expert in plant ecology, specializing in seeds and the study of natural forests. He is active worldwide as a specialist in the restoration of natural vegetation on degraded land.
Unexpected discovery leads to better battery tech.. zinc-manganese
Thousand more Mohalla clinics in Delhi by 2017: CM Arvind Kejriwal
shared on FB:
Aam Aadmi Canteen to Serve Breakfast for Rs. 5 and Lunch for Rs. 10
Delhi Government has started working towards execution of its huge plan to open Aam Aadmi Canteen for Delhi's poor. Aam Aadmi Party is dedicated to its ideology that their Govt. will work for poor citizens as much aas for other citizens. Every citizen pays taxes and getting support from the Govt is their right.
The planning for these canteens started last year itself. Initially around 24 such canteens will be opened where breakfast would cost Rs. 5 and lunch/dinner would cost Rs. 10. These will be opened at places such as Stations, Bus Terminals, etc. Rs. 10 crore were allocate for this. Going forward, Delhi Govt. is planning to open 200 such canteens for Delhi.
article on Rahul's 52 Parindey project

Last summer, teenager Yusra Mardini was swimming for her life in the Aegean Sea after the motor failed on a boat carrying her and fellow Syrian refugees. This summer, Mardini will be swimming for gold on the first-ever refugee team at the Rio 2016 Olympics. The new team will compete under a united flag representing the 20 million people worldwide who have fled from their homes. These athletes' stories will help inspire much-needed empathy for refugees.
student who opted out of regular schooling and enrolled in NIOS achieving a high rank in IIT JEE
Statement on the Homophobic Massacre of LGBTQI Community Members and Allies in Orlando
... In the great ancient religious and ethical traditions of humankind we find the directive: You shall not kill! Or in positive terms: Have respect for life! Let us reflect anew on the consequences of this ancient directive: All people have a right to life, safety, and the free development of personality insofar as they do not injure the rights of others. No one has the right physically to torture, injure, much less kill, any other human being. And no people, no state, no race, no religion has the right to hate, to discriminate against, to "cleanse," to exile, much less to liquidate a "foreign" minority which is different in behavior or holds different beliefs.
>> my take:
Bootstrapping a bossless organisation in 3 easy steps – advice for people who are starting a new project but don't want to be the boss
Commons technology and the right to a democratic city – reporting from the brilliant Democratic Cities conference in Madrid
>> brilliant, must-read as an example of applying commons philosophies to governance!
...Pablo Soto gave an example of a decision that would be impossible under the TTIP: Madrid city recently decided to municipalise all cemeteries so all citizens have a dignified place to rest. Then he bravely declared the City of Madrid TTIP free, to which Assange replied, "you better secede from Spain then." In other words, while cities can represent radical pockets of resistance, a huge amount of power still rests at the state and international levels.
Uber responds to vTaiwan's coherent blended volition
>> amazing narrative of a public consultation meeting where consensus and agreements were built between traditional and app based transport providers.
... Considering the risks involved, the vTaiwan rulemaking process aims for coherence (rough consensus), not convergence (coordinated consensus). Our thinking is based on the four-stage focused conversation model:
    Objective: Facts — "What do we know?"
    Reflective: Feelings — "What are our reactions?"
    Interpretative: Ideas — "What insights do we get?"
    Decisional: Actions — "What should we do?"

Occupiers from Tunisia, Spain, New Zealand, Taiwan and France compare notes – a conversation with activists comparing six years of experiences from four continents
A Journal that hosts papers regarding value based of alternative education
... Since EJOLTs began we have continually tried to evolve processes and procedures to enable practitioner-researchers to create and contribute academically rigorous, valid accounts of their values-based explanations of their educational influence in their own learning, the learning of others and the learning of social formations (their living-educational-theories). Living Theory researchers have also sought to contribute to the growth and influence of Living Theory research as a social movement.
A journey in learning: My reflective account - by Neema Parekh
...  I have used emails written to a friend and also to my mentor over a period of twelve years from 2004­‐2016 to represent the emotional side of my learning and my reflections to represent the theories of my learning. Through my journey I wish to illustrate the need for Government teachers in India to become well informed of current practices and theories in education if we wish to understand the needs of our students, meet those needs and know how to create and sustain an atmosphere of care, trust and co-­operation. I hope lessons learnt by me can be drawn on by other teachers so that they can make learning an enjoyable, stress-­free experience for the children of rural India.
When You Kill Ten Million Africans You Aren't Called 'Hitler'
About that King Leopold II of Belgium did in the Congo
Germany is taking aim at NATO's increasing belligerence and posturing vis-a-vis Russia.
... Of course, Berlin is eminently sensible in doing so, having been the only great power in the last century to have actually fought Russia, and with mixed results, at best.
Regulation of India's Peer-to-Peer Lending Platforms — A Welcome Move
.. A cap on interest rates for all loan products is another recommendation that I believe should be critically considered in order to prevent a repeat of the crisis that hit the micro-finance industry in early 2010.
View competition objectively: China tells Merkel and EU
Google Search Engine Picked-Up ORLANDO ATTACK NEWS STORY 6 Hours BEFORE attack took place
Gun Store Owner: We Called FBI & Warned Them About Orlando Shooter
The idea the FBI had no warnings immediately prior to the Orlando shooting just went out the window.
The Big Guns Are Out: Soros, Rothschild Warn Of Brexit Doom; Osborne Threatens With "Suspending" Market
>> about Brexit referendum
In Venezuela, the Elite Meet to Eat While the Masses Starve
A tiny percentage of the elites remain unaffected by the economic implosion
... The contrast was amplified when reporters from the tabloid approached golfers on one of the club's courses and asked them about the contrast. One of them said, "It's not that we don't care about the poor people. We give a lot to charity." And then, as an afterthought, he added: "Should we stop enjoying ourselves just because the country is burning?"
... The most productive part of the economy, extraction of oil and gas, for years provided the socialists in power with enough money to pay for all manner of social welfare schemes: houses, schools, infrastructure, and government office buildings. But when oil prices dropped, so did Maduro's cash flow.
... Food is so scarce that even the dogs are starving. Government price controls, often set below the cost of production, have left grocery store shelves empty.
... Venezuela's middle class has evaporated, leaving behind the vast majority living day-to-day through scavenging and barter. The elites, on the other hand, continue to live a lavish lifestyle, unaffected by the misery being experienced just a few miles away.
Islamic Speaker Admits: Killing Gays is a Belief Held by 'Moderate Muslims'
>> just posting this as a sharing of various perspectives!
...It has also been confirmed that just weeks before Omar Mateen's rampage, Muslim cleric Sheikh Farrokh Sekaleshfar called for gays to be executed during a sermon at an Orlando-area mosque. ... Sekaleshfar also called for homosexuals to be killed "out of compassion".
... With many gay people in America now asserting that they will switch their vote to Trump in light of Saturday night's massacre, it is imperative for the LGBT community to understand that the regressive left has chosen Islam over gay rights.
...During a conference held in May 2013, Qureshi complained that the media often frames views such as "the death penalty for homosexuals" or the subjugation of women as only being held by radical Muslims. ... "I always try to tell them that….these are general views that every Muslim actually has….every Muslim believes in these things," says Qureshi.
'Moderate' Muslim Role Model: 'Chopping Gays' Heads Off is the Easiest Solution'
Fresh spotlight thrown on shocking comments after Orlando massacre
...The Orlando nightclub massacre is throwing fresh spotlight on comments made by so-called "moderate" Muslims about homosexuality, including a "role model" to young Muslims around the world who said that the easiest way to deal with gays was to chop off their heads.

>> well, they're definitely scoring some points here.
5 Reasons to Question the Official Story of the Orlando Shooting
... The FBI literally provided a mentally-ill man they helped plan a terrorist attack together with, an arsenal of deadly weapons – arresting him just before he committed his crime.
... While the right-wing media blames Muslims and the left-wing media blame guns, perhaps it would be more effective if thinking individuals would examine the possibilities that this attack was a false flag incident designed to push an agenda that would benefit those in power in some way or other. Out of this attack we will no doubt see another push for the evisceration of the Second Amendment and other civil liberties as well as increased hype regarding ISIS as a threat to the American way of life and a greater attempt at justification for foreign adventures.
British MP Jo Cox Murdered: Now Comes The Psyop
... "Create a killer? Take someone who's unstable, pump him up with SSRI antidepressants, fill his head full of ideas about violent action, point him in a desired direction, and stand back." (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)
... The man who is arrested, Thomas Mair, is alleged to have shouted "Britain First!" (Brexit) as he killed Cox. However, now witnesses on the scene are saying they heard no such thing.
... Here is the psyop formula:
MP Jo Cox wanted to remain in the EU. Her killer was a "Brexit right-wing crazy" who yelled "Britain First!" as he murdered her. Therefore, all people who want Brexit are right-wing crazies. Therefore, vote to remain in the EU.
This is how you demonize millions of people.
Jo Cox=good=remain in the EU. Her killer=leave the EU=all people who want to leave the EU are killers.
... Dr. Joseph Tarantolo is a psychiatrist in private practice in Washington DC. He is the former president of the Washington chapter of the American Society of Psychoanalytic Physicians. In a 1999 interview with me, Tarantolo stated: "All the SSRIs [including Prozac and Luvox] relieve the patient of feeling. He becomes less empathic, as in `I don't care as much,' which means `It's easier for me to harm you.' If a doctor treats someone who needs a great deal of strength just to think straight, and gives him one of these drugs, that could push him over the edge into violent behavior."
Black 16 yr old: "I've Been called a racist for supporting Trump"
Rob Dew talks with Quaterrius Manuel and Brett Catinella about the hate they've received after a video showing them supporting Donald Trump went viral.
Another Big-Screen Movie Just Released Investigates Vaccines for Autism Implications
"Man Made Epidemic"
... Filmmaker Natalie Beer sets off on a journey around the world speaking to leading doctors, scientists and families to find out the truth about the autism epidemic and whether or not vaccines have a role to play.
... The film explores the common misconception that autism is solely genetic and looks into scientists concerns over recent years about environmental factors such as medication and pesticides which continue to leave our children with physical and neurological damage.
What Could Go Wrong? Crime Fighting Robots Now Equipped with Self-Defense Instincts
China to Unleash Killer Robot Army to Fight Terrorism
Campaign to stop killer robots
... The Campaign to Stop Killer Robots calls for a pre-emptive and comprehensive ban on the development, production, and use of fully autonomous weapons, also known as lethal autonomous weapons systems or killer robots. This should be achieved through new international law (a treaty), as well as through national laws and other measures.
... We are concerned about weapons that operate on their own without meaningful human control. The campaign seeks to prohibit taking the human 'out-of-the-loop' with respect to targeting and attack decisions on the battlefield.
... The Campaign to Stop Killer Robots has been established to provide a coordinated civil society response to the multiple challenges that fully autonomous weapons pose to humanity.
DIY Economics of Happiness Workshop
The Economics of Happiness Workshop and Toolkit is a do-it-yourself tool for activists and others that want to kick-start effective global-to-local action in their area or within an existing group.
Fed Up With The Corruption: Mexico on Brink of Revolution
Police forces opened fire on a teacher protest in Oaxaca on Sunday, killing at least eight
GT200: How London Sold Fake Bomb Detectors and Got People Killed
The UK proves that power and profits come before the lives of even its own allies' soldiers and police
>> An example of what's in store for India with foreign FDI in military sector unleashed
... Considering how humiliation is used by the Western media to portray anyone questioning the West's various narratives as "paranoid" or as "conspiracy theorists," one can only imagine the abuse one would be subjected to had they accused British ambassadors and British military sales support teams of selling what is essentially and empty plastic case with a disconnected radio antenna on it as a "bomb detector."
... Yet that is exactly what the British government did.
... Giles Paxman, then Britain's ambassador to Mexico, wrote to senior officials in the embattled state government to introduce the wares of Kent entrepreneur Gary Bolton, who was selling the GT200, a handheld detector supposedly capable of identifying drugs or explosives at up to 700 metres. Unbeknown to the ambassador, it used nothing more than a car aerial attached to a hollow plastic grip and did not work.
... Ambassador Paxman would, according to the Guardian, emphasize "the excellence of the UK's security industry." He would arrange meetings with officials across the country with the maker of the GT200, and is precisely why an otherwise unknown criminal was able to peddle his fake devices globally to the UK's various allies.
... The Independent would reveal that the device cost a mere 2 GBP to make, but was sold for as much as 15,000 GBP each.
Could Student Massacre Be 'Watershed Moment' for Mexico?
In southern state of Guerrero, where student-teachers disappeared, demonstrators set fire to governing party headquarters amid ongoing protests
20,000 govt school teachers in Delhi involved in finding ways to make students learn the right lessons, and have fun

BREXIT victory shocks NWO – were "conspiracy theories" responsible?
... Prior to the emotion-stirring killing of "heroic anti-Brexit icon" Jo Cox by an apparent Brexit supporter, the polls showed the pro-Brexit side was significantly ahead. In the wake of the Cox murder, a huge swing occurred, putting anti-Brexit forces ahead 52-48% in polls taken on the eve of the vote. The elites who had arranged the false flag were presumably cackling and rubbing their hands in glee. What could possibly go wrong now?
... What went wrong was "conspiracy theories."
... Believing in "conspiracy theories," indeed giving them any credence at all, is wildly politically-incorrect, if not downright heretical, according to establishment ideology. So the very large number of voters who found the timing and style of the Cox murder suspicious would never admit that in a formal setting; on the contrary, when contacted by a pollster, they would be even more likely than before to misstate their intentions in the direction of pretending to be anti-Brexit.
... But in the privacy of the voting booth, people often go with their real thoughts and emotions.
Marine Le Pen hails Brexit, calls for French referendum

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