Monday, July 4, 2016

When they instruct you to hate, don't.

When the mainstream media,

whom you know is criminally culpable in causing wars and financial, environmental, social and cultural plunder and in general making bad things happen,

which you know is acting against the best interests of the public and in the best interests of power elites who own the media companies or who are in the common circles with them...

When this mainstream media

Is going out of its way

to encourage and instruct you

to absolutely hate any particular public figure,

or absolutely love any other,

Then it makes simple common sense

to be highly skeptical about this push

And ask the questions that are not being asked by them

And especially not buy in to blanket branding of their chosen targets as good or evil.

So, dear friends, when I hear you say how much you hate a particular living person,

or for that matter an entire organisation or ethnic/religious group or a whole nation even,

or even a general vocation like "all these human rights activists",

If I have heard a similar blanket opinion being spouted by the mainstream media as well,

Then please don't expect me to accept what you are saying.

Because chances are I will have done some research on my own by then

And will confront you with things that will seriously undermine your stated postiion,

And will throw light on the embarassing possiblity that you, my friend, have been hoodwinked, have been made a fool.

And then if I see you commit the classic act of instantaneously jumping to the next accusation,

without even bothering to acknowledge how your first one might have been wrong, without even pausing to rethink your stance,

Then I'll know that you can no longer be expected to talk about the topic with any semblance of maturity,

that your 'expert' opinion on the matter can simply not be trusted,

and this exchange might even go to the extent of influencing my trust

on your character, your reliability in other matters.

Sorry, but defects in common sense rarely respect subject boundaries.

You have been warned.

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