Tuesday, September 27, 2016

13 is greater than 4

Dear mainstream media,

You make a brouhaha of a guy being away for F.O.U.R. days on an
officially fully planned trip. You make the brouhaha AFTER he is there
and take it to crescendo when the work (yes, it's work) is finally

Why am I seeing something like a Freudian slip in media's reportage :
The more widespread problem is of the PM being away on tour most of
the time while the country faces many crises. The media responds by
making a brouhaha of someone from the opposition being away for four
days while the people designated to handle health matters are very
much in town and on the job. Also, the media completely censors out
the fact that the LG dismissed the acting Health secretary, replaced
him with a his personal preference and gave that guy a THIRTEEN DAY
LEAVE immediately on appointment.

13 is greater than 4.

After behaviour like this, why do you expect anybody to take you
seriously? With thousands of crores in investment, is THIS the quality
of work that you display?

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