Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Outreach for Maharashtra Villages mapping activity

Hi Friends,

We (DataMeet Pune chapter) are analyzing, cleaning and attributing a huge GIS dataset we got recently that has boundaries and census-linked attributes including unique ID codes of every village in Maharashtra, and are inter-linking it with other large datasets like village-level Census data.

We want to put this out in the open where it can go a long way in empowering social sector, citizens groups in localizing and tracking issues like water scarcity, farmer suicides, displacement etc, in finding patterns, fixing accountability and advocating solutions backed with data. If you work or volunteer with an NGO that might be interested in this, please connect us. We can use inputs from experienced orgs about what data to visualize, where the interconnections are, etc. We also encourage NGOs to share their data and statistics and let's collaborate to get it mapped, visualized, corroborated with other datasets and taken forward. This applies to a broad spectrum of sectors like education, employment, empowerment, ecology, food, water, energy etc.

Inviting you to check it out, and join in if interested. You can participate in any way : mapping, data churning, creating visualizations, developing web-based tools or even just reading through spreadsheets and helping us fill in the blanks. (ex: linking PDF maps to sub district codes, or matching unlinked villages with their correct codes and locations). It is also an excellent opportunity to learn using technology platforms like QGIS, R, d3.js, web tools on real world multi-faceted and locally relevant data. 

Check out this tracking spreadsheet from where we're co-ordinating this multi-pronged effort:

There are many worksheets there at the bottom (its a shared google spreadsheet). Please see the "Readme" sheet first. You will find google drive links for downloading all the datasets so you can just download and get started on your end at your own pace. There is also a documentation (hackpad) link where we're gathering all the details about this. If you're in Pune, do catch our next meetup to touch base with more people working on this, and we'd love to have folks from other places in Maharashtra also get involved. In Nagpur there's a venue and host NGO ready to start meetups.

Some links:
Know more about the DataMeet community and join the all-india mailing list:
Get in touch with the Pune chapter :
Email us: pune [at]

PS: Don't assume that this is for adults only. Younger people can do much more here. Share this with high school students you know as a Geography project!

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