Friday, September 23, 2016

My take on the AAP arrests, "wrongdoings" spree

If you were the only group of ministers / MLAs in the country

that have your local police force following orders of a higher power that is your arch rival and is openly hostile towards your party,

and if you knew that the local police force are continuously hunting for every possible way to arrest you, including for total non-arrest-worthy "crimes" like getting duped by fake universities,

if you knew you were under constant surveillance,

then in such a situation, would you or your colleagues bother to do even one tiny bit of wrongdoing, while the controversies are still hot?

That wouldn't make any sense at all.

I can easily expect even the most corrupt party in India to keep their heads down during such a time and maintain a strictly clean profile.

So then why are we seeing so much arrests and defamation of AAP ministers and MLAs, that too for such absolutely useless things?

Why is our media continuously reporting these things with every sentence of theirs having already pre-decided that these people are indeed evil?

For reporting an arrest of an MLA or minister from any other party, and while the matter is still not completely proven in court, the media would have diligently used words like "allegedly" or "minister gets targeted" etc. They would have cautioned against taking the accusers at their word, and have explored the possibilities of this being a politically motivated thing.

But here, looong before even the very first court hearing, our media is continuously ordering the viewer/reader to judge these people as pure evil.

Simple logic says : these people aren't doing the infinite wrongs being credited to them. They are not suddenly infused with power.

What power? They have absolutely zero control over the police which is hot on their ass 24/7, the media is inciting the public against them so much it looks like they WANT to see a lynching, and they have no Z+ security even. They don't have any black money pools wherefrom to buy protection from local goons. This is the most powerless bunch of politicians we have seen in the history of India.

It simply does not make any sense to be really doing what you're accused of with this reality in force.

The real wrongdoers seem to be the accusers and the ones on whose behest they're screaming.

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