Friday, September 23, 2016

Is real life slavery causing virtual life over-nationalism?

Addressed to my friends who are working in the mainstream corporate sector and similar, and who keep sharing and writing on our various social groups about patriotism, supporting the armed forces, ranting against Pakistan and saying statements like "teach Pakistan a lesson", hating anyone who dares to question the integrity of the armed forces, attacking people for opposing AFPSA, etc etc:

My dear friends,

If you did not have to be such a big c**k sucker in your real life,

Then maybe you would not have felt the need to be such a breast-beating, destruction-mongering, judgemental, over-simplifying, one-dimensional, self-acclaimed pseudo-patriot in your virtual life.

In both lives you're going off balance.

Mistaking the difference between being an employee and a slave in one,

and mistaking the difference between being a patriot and a fascist in the other. 

The latter makes you liable to being exploited by the very forces that seek to destroy the country you love.

Maybe bringing back some balance in the real life could do you some good in the virtual one too. Just sayin' ! :P

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