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Interesting Links for August 2017

Apologies for the delay again.
Ground Breaking Milo Yiannopoulis On Banned Book "Dangerous" -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-08-03
Why It's Hard To Make Girlfriends -Brittany Pettibone, 2017-08-01
The Price For Associating With The Right -Brittany Pettibone, 2017-07-31
Alex Jones Crazy Interview With Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-07-27
Milo Yiannopoulos Interview: The Road to "Dangerous" (Part 1) -Roaming Millennial, 2017-08-01
Numb - Linkin Park Flute Cover (Tribute to Chester Bennington) -Melissa.Flutes, 2017-07-25
Disney Whitewashes Aladdin's Jasmine!? | The Weekly Rundown -Roaming Millennial, 2017-07-21
Milo Yiannopoulos Interview: Trump, The Alt-Right & Transgenders (Part 2) -Roaming Millennial, 2017-08-02
One True Islam? | The Moderate Imam & Westernization -Roaming Millennial, 2017-07-18
Why Social Justice is CANCER | Identity Politics, Equality & Marxism -Roaming Millennial, 2017-07-25
Squatting Slav TV: The Redpilling of Pewdiepie -Squatting Slav TV, 2017-07-27
Ana Kasparian & Ann Coulter PolitiCon Debate | JUST LEARN SPANISH! -Roaming Millennial, 2017-07-31
Cassie Jaye on Australian Media, her 'Red Pill' moments, and why she's not an MRA -Cassie Jaye, 2017-07-30
Milo Yiannopoulos Interview: Identity Politics, Universities & the Left (Part 3) -Roaming Millennial, 2017-08-03
Corporate Media Seeks To Ban PewDiePie Because They Fear Anyone With Influence They Don't Control -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-07-20
Why The #DefendEurope Mission Took So Long To Launch -Brittany Pettibone, 2017-07-29
You WON'T Believe What the Central Bank Has in Store for American Citizens -Roaming Millennial, 2017-07-25
Milo Yiannopoulos Vs Chelsea Handler (Donald Trump Debate) 2017 -Milo Yiannopoulos, 2017-08-01
Defend Europe Mission Failed? -Lauren Southern, 2017-07-30
Deep State Is Moving To Remove President Trump -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-08-04
Child Beheading Causes Trump To Shut Down Moderate Rebel Myth -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-08-04
Calif Crazies: Kill Your Pet, Not Just Your Car -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-08-04
YouTube Attempting To Suppress & Destroy Liberty Based Channels -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-08-03
PAUL JOSEPH WATSON GOT OWNED! -Paul Joseph Watson, 2017-07-27
Dennis Prager Brilliantly Schools Liberal Academics at Oxford on Foreign Policy -Indicrat, 2017-07-13
Challenging Your "Masters" -Lauren Southern, 2017-08-01
Why Did the Democratic South Become Republican? -PragerU, 2017-07-24
PATREON BANNED MY ACCOUNT?? -Lauren Southern, 2017-07-22
A Response to Patreon: Lauren Southern, Political Backlash, Advice for Jack Conte -Styxhexenhammer666, 2017-08-01
An open letter to Jack Conte, Founder of Patreon -HoneyBadgerRadio, 2017-08-01
Youtube censoring wrongthink ad | Rant 88 -HoneyBadgerRadio, 2017-08-02
BREAKING (Badger): Laci Green Might Be Taking the Red Pill! -HoneyBadgerRadio, 2017-05-12
London Terrorized Again | BREAKING (Badger) -HoneyBadgerRadio, 2017-06-04
When Social Justice Warriors Lose Control Part 1 -Milo Yiannopoulos, 2017-08-03
The FIRE RISES: Western Capitulation / Poland DEFIANT -Black Pigeon Speaks, 2017-07-13
When Social Justice Warriors Lose Control Part 1 -Milo Yiannopoulos, 2017-08-03
The FIRE RISES: Western Capitulation / Poland DEFIANT -Black Pigeon Speaks, 2017-07-13
DNC PRANKED: Forced To Admit They Don't Have Progressive Values! -Redacted Tonight, 2017-08-02
>> The Yes Men strike again!! They fake-represented the Democratic Party and declared that it's no longer going to be beholden to vested corporate interests. And now the Democrats are forced to respond that they ARE still corporate-controlled!
ISIS behead and dismember dozens of women and children in horrific attack on Syrian villages
The head of the National Hospital in Salamiyeh said they received 52 bodies - including 11 women and 17 children - with 'all forms of deformations'
... The series of deadly attacks in the central Hama province targeted villages where most residents belong to the Ismaili branch of Shia Islam.
... Government forces eventually managed to "repel them", pushing them back toward the desert.
... The IS-linked Aamaq news agency said the group had captured Aqareb al-Safi and Mabouja. It identified residents as members of President Bashar Assad's Alawite sect, an off-shoot of Shia Islam. The Sunni extremists view Shias as apostates deserving of death. IS has massacred thousands of Shias and other opponents in Syria and Iraq, often boasting about the killings and circulating photos and videos of them online.
Trump's Emerging World Order -Brother Nathanael, 2017-07-19
Why I Left Judaism -Brother Nathanael, 2010-09-01
What The Media Won't Tell You About P-utin . MUST SEE -Brother Nathanael, 2017-07-03
Zionist Jews Happily Brag About Being At The Center Of The Muslim Invasion Of Europe -Matthew North, 2017-01-07
Building a Local Food System with Bicycles
Cargonomia // Hungary
I guess Google needs to keep up the left-wing's ideological reign of terror
Social Justice Warriors Furious as Internal Google Manifesto Slams Company for Political Intolerance
... The author argues within the memo that women are underrepresented in tech fields not because of discrimination, but because of inherent psychological differences between men and women, echoing a similar argument made by former Breitbart senior editor Milo Yiannopoulos in 2016. When discussing Google's educational guidelines for young women, the memo's author writes, "We need to stop assuming that gender gaps imply sexism."
... The allegations of political intolerance come shortly after YouTube, a Google-owned platform, announced it would manipulate search results, artificially promote socially progressive videos, and censor non-rulebreaking content that is considered "potential hate speech."
... "Despite what the public response seems to have been, I've gotten many personal messages from fellow Googlers expressing their gratitude for bringing up these very important issues which they agree with but would never have the courage to say or defend because of our shaming culture and the possibility of being fired. This needs to change."
>> And so they fired him :P Nice way to prove the opposition's point, Google!

>> in this, the VP of Diversity, Integrity & Governance at google gave an official response, mentoning..
... I found that it advanced incorrect assumptions about gender. I'm not going to link to it here as it's not a viewpoint that I or this company endorses, promotes or encourages.
>> and doing so censored the very document she was criticizing, since the majority that reads this official denouncing will not read the original doc it is denouncing, which, if people read at the same time, would have shown that the original wasn't really AS offensive as to merit a firing, and actually had valid arguments.

... An anonymous survey shows that somewhere between 30 to 40 percent of employees at Google are tired of the company's restrictive ideological environment, while a second question shows more than half of the survey respondents disagreed with the statement that "the document is harmful and shouldn't have been shared"
Exclusive: Here's The Full 10-Page Anti-Diversity Screed Circulating Internally at Google [Updated]
Copying excerpts here:
... We always ask why we don't see women in top leadership positions, but we never ask why we see so many men in these jobs. These positions often require long, stressful hours that may not be worth it if you want a balanced and fulfilling life.
... Unfortunately, as long as tech and leadership remain high status, lucrative careers, men may disproportionately want to be in them. Allowing and truly endorsing (as part of our culture) part time work though can keep more women in tech.
... I strongly believe in gender and racial diversity, and I think we should strive for more. However, to achieve a more equal gender and race representation, Google has created several discriminatory practices:
>> So in the whole doc the author is repeating the neutral position, and yet after reading it the reaction from left-leaners is that this guy is highly sexist/racist and must be made an example of. And he actually gets FIRED for writing this quite well-laid-out doc, for reaching out and expressing himself. Makes you wonder why should one even bother to placate the side that's predisposed against anything you say.

... I'm also not saying that we should restrict people to certain gender roles; I'm advocating for quite the opposite: treat people as individuals, not as just another member of their group (tribalism).

... De-moralize diversity. : As soon as we start to moralize an issue, we stop thinking about it in terms of costs and benefits, dismiss anyone that disagrees as immoral, and harshly punish those we see as villains to protect the "victims."

... Alienating conservatives is both non-inclusive and generally bad business because conservatives tend to be higher in conscientiousness, which is require for much of the drudgery and maintenance work characteristic of a mature company.

... Discriminating just to increase the representation of women in tech is as misguided and biased as mandating increases for women's representation in the homeless, work-related and violent deaths, prisons, and school dropouts.

... There's currently very little transparency into the extend of our diversity programs which keeps it immune to criticism from those outside its ideological echo chamber.

... We should focus on psychological safety, which has shown positive effects and should (hopefully) not lead to unfair discrimination.

... De-emphasize empathy. I've heard several calls for increased empathy on diversity issues. While I strongly support trying to understand how and why people think the way they do, relying on affective empathy—feeling another's pain—causes us to focus on anecdotes, favor individuals similar to us, and harbor other irrational and dangerous biases. Being emotionally unengaged helps us better reason about the facts.
>> yikes that must have pissed some people off.. but I wonder why they didn't walk the talk and try to empathize first in this case.. :P

... Prioritize intention. : Our focus on microaggressions and other unintentional transgressions increases our sensitivity, which is not universally positive: sensitivity increases both our tendency to take offense and our self censorship, leading to authoritarian policies. Speaking up without the fear of being harshly judged is central to psychological safety, but these practices can remove that safety by judging unintentional transgressions.
...Microaggression training incorrectly and dangerously equates speech with violence and isn't backed by evidence.

... Be open about the science of human nature.

... [7] Communism promised to be both morally and economically superior to capitalism, but every attempt became morally corrupt and an economic failure. As it became clear that the working class of the liberal democracies wasn't going to overthrow their "capitalist oppressors," the Marxist intellectuals transitioned from class warfare to gender and race politics. The core oppressor-oppressed dynamics remained, but now the oppressor is the "white, straight, cis-gendered patriarchy."

... [8] Ironically, IQ tests were initially championed by the Left when meritocracy meant helping the victims of the aristocracy.
>> youch!
Rebels of Google: 'Senior Leaders Focus on Diversity First and Technology Second'
Over the weekend, Google was rocked by the publication of an internal manifesto that alleged wide-ranging political bias within the company. In exclusive interviews with Breitbart News, more Google employees are now speaking out.
... The 10-page manifesto, which was met by an immediate backlash, described a climate of fear at the company, in which employees who challenged prevailing leftist narratives on diversity were faced with immediate threats to their career.
>> and they proved it too
>> wow, more people are coming out now

... "A lot of social justice activists essentially spend all day fighting the culture war, and get nothing done. The company has made it a point to hire more people like this.
... The companywide "Google Insider" emails used to talk about cool new tech, but now they're entirely about social justice initiatives.
... For conservative employees, this is obviously demoralizing, but it is also dangerous. Several have been driven out of the company or fired outright for sharing a dissenting view. Others have had their promotions denied or suffered other forms of deniable retaliation. Most of us just keep our heads down because we can't afford to lose our jobs.
... There have been a number of massive witch hunts where hundreds of SJWs mobilize across the corporate intranet to punish somebody who defied the Narrative."
... And the tolerance for "microaggressions" keeps getting lower, to the point where everybody is walking on eggshells because they don't want to be publicly shamed in next week's Yes-At-Google.
... Your concerns about intolerance towards employees at Google mirror the concerns of ordinary web users about intolerance towards them. Many people now fear that Google, Facebook, and other companies are moving to control and censor their content. Are these fears justified?
Hal: That is absolutely what Google is trying to do. The pro-censorship voices are very loud, and they have the management's ear.
>> Holy cow, a direct corelation from what's happening INSIDE the company to what it's now doing OUTSIDE to everybody on the internet!
"There are always social consequences."
... In a series of screenshots from 2015 onwards provided to Breitbart News by a verified Google employee, individuals described as left-wing Google management employees can be seen discussing the ways they punish their colleagues both inside and out of the company.
Malta sent a ship to meet the ship and take the crew off the Golfo Azzurro before flying them home, local newspaper Malta Today reports
>> a first! And take a good, clean look at the photo and tell if they look like Syrian refugees or if there is any evidence they are fleeing a war zone.
DOJ releases 400+ pages of Lynch-Clinton emails – after Comey's FBI said they didn't exist
Experiments convince vehicles that stop signs are speed limit signs in 100% of test cases
... After generating the words "love" and "hate," for example, the vehicle falsely interpreted the stop sign as a speed limit sign.
>> this is funny!
... "As self-driving car technologies will become more prevalent, keeping street signs clear of any visual clutter will become a mandatory task of any smart city administration across the globe," Cimpanu writes.
>> BULLSHIT, as if that's even possible enough to the extent of guaranteeing safety of high speed vehicles!
"We actively encourage research of this kind so that we can prevent potential issues from occurring," Tesla says
Get ready for your cultural enrichment
While cracking down on Swedish parents who try to homeschool their kids
President kills motivation for migrants to enter US
... Compare that to Germany, where Chancellor Angela Merkel opened the border to millions of unvetted migrants who can't speak German and lack employable skills, which dooms them to perpetual welfare paid by German taxpayers – and boredom that manifests into terrorist attacks against, once again, German taxpayers.
... [germany] "They said back in July only 55 out of one million migrants had got jobs with any major firms and 50 of those jobs were working at the post office," he reported. "Two-thirds or more of these migrants are illiterate in their own languages."
"They came because Merkel promised them free money if they can just make it into the country."
Migrants from Middle East, Africa not welcome
I'm sure the students are going to be very responsible and realistic with their self-grading
... How does this scenario end? Everyone loses. Employers, colleagues, customers. Everybody. Especially the students themselves, who leave school dumber than they went in, but with an overinflated sense of self-worth. Not to mention a mountain of debt.
>> a counterview to the stuff I've actually liked earlier.
>> they put out a photo of seatbelts in male-female, male-male and female-female combinations. The obvious comments...
... "In the event of an crash only one of those seatbelt combinations is going to result in saving the human race," one anon said.
... It was suggested that whoever made the image was subtlety advocating traditional marriage.
... "We've got to the point where you literally can't tell if they're putting not so hidden messages in their propaganda as resistance or are simply this retarded," another anon pointed out.
... Regardless of your stance on the LGBT movement, the tweet is a reminder of how the political-corporate class keeps force-feeding various social justice movements to the public instead of allowing such movements to gain organic acceptance.
... The point is, when a movement is force-fed to the public, it's usually because there's a puppet master exploiting it to advance another, sinister agenda beyond the scope of the movement.
... Feminism is a great example of this. What once started as a genuine women's rights movement decades ago has since been hijacked by the political class to destroy the nuclear family and thus make women more dependent on the state – all while making them ultimately unhappy as they make major life decisions based on lies.
Can farming mean a permanent renewal of life?
>> story on permaculture IPC 2017
Sweden's Prostitution Solution: Why Hasn't Anyone Tried This Before?
.. In the capital city of Stockholm the number of women in street prostitution has been reduced by two thirds, and the number of johns has been reduced by 80%. There are other major Swedish cities where street prostitution has all but disappeared. Gone too, for the most part, are the renowned Swedish brothels and massage parlors which proliferated during the last three decades of the twentieth century when prostitution in Sweden was legal.
... In 1999, after years of research and study, Sweden passed legislation that a) criminalizes the buying of sex, and b) decriminalizes the selling of sex.
... "In Sweden prostitution is regarded as an aspect of male violence against women and children. It is officially acknowledged as a form of exploitation of women and children and constitutes a significant social problem... gender equality will remain unattainable so long as men buy, sell and exploit women and children by prostituting them."
... In addition to the two pronged legal strategy, a third and essential element of Sweden's prostitution legislation provides for ample and comprehensive social service funds aimed at helping any prostitute who wants to get out, and additional funds to educate the public.
... As such, Sweden's unique strategy treats prostitution as a form of violence against women in which the men who exploit by buying sex are criminalized, the mostly female prostitutes are treated as victims who need help, and the public is educated in order to counteract the historical male bias that has long stultified thinking on prostitution.
... the country's police and prosecutors have also come around to be among the legislation's staunchest supporters. Sweden's law enforcement has found that the prostitution legislation benefits them in dealing with all sex crimes, particularly in enabling them to virtually wipe out the organized crime element that plagues other countries where prostitution has been legalized or regulated.
The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck
>> Amazing articles here.
Scientists Accidentally Create Simple Solution to Global Warming
India at 70: Tagore rejected 'nationalism' — and his worst fears have come true
A century later, his book 'Nationalism' reminds us: The nation is the greatest evil for the Nation.
There Should Be No Place in India for Modi's Uncivil Words Against Hamid Ansari
... Without a doubt, Ansari was the target of the prime minister's wrath because he is the senior-most Muslim in public life.
Doordarshan, AIR blacked out my Independence Day speech, told me reshape it: Tripura CM Manik Sarkar
A PTI report from Agartala quoted a statement from the Chief Minister's Office: "The Chief Minister clearly stated that he would not change a single word and described it as unprecedented, undemocratic, autocratic and intolerant step."

>> and here is the speech that AIR, DD censored :
The speech that did not pass the AIR test
...Independence Day is not just a ceremonial occasion. Keeping in view the historical significance and tremendous emotional attachment to this day for Indians, it has to be treated as an important ceremonial occasion for national introspection.
Censoring Sarkar
By not airing an elected (non-BJP) CM's speech, Prasar Bharati undermines its credibility as public broadcaster
NASA Unveils Plan To Stop Yellowstone "Supervolcano" Eruption, There's Just One Catch
A NASA plan to stop the Yellowstone supervolcano from erupting, could actually cause it to blow… triggering a nuclear winter that would wipe out humanity
NASA'S Risky Plan To Save Us From Yellowstone Could Trigger A Massive Eruption
... "Yellowstone currently leaks around 6GW in heat," Wilcox says. "Through drilling in this way, it could be used to create a geothermal plant, which generates electric power at extremely competitive prices of around $0.10/kWh. You would have to give the geothermal companies incentives to drill somewhat deeper and use hotter water than they usually would, but you would pay back your initial investment, and get electricity which can power the surrounding area for a period of potentially tens of thousands of years. And the long-term benefit is that you prevent a future supervolcano eruption which would devastate humanity."
... "The most important thing with this is to do no harm," Wilcox says. "If you drill into the top of the magma chamber and try and cool it from there, this would be very risky. This could make the cap over the magma chamber more brittle and prone to fracture. And you might trigger the release of harmful volatile gases in the magma at the top of the chamber which would otherwise not be released."
How Rand Paul Can Free Americans from the Fed
Competition in currency would reflect active political trends
... In 2009, then-Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke was able to refuse to tell Congress who received over two trillion in Fed loans, and it took congressional action and a Bloomberg lawsuit to force the Fed to reveal the details of what it did in more than 21,000 transactions involving trillions of dollars during the 2008 financial crisis. A one-time audit of the Fed's emergency lending mandated by Congress revealed even more about the extent to which the Fed put taxpayers on the hook.
... While not as catchy as "End the Fed", this piece of legislation – inspired by the work of F.A. Hayek – was perhaps Ron Paul's most radical pieces of legislation. The idea was quite simple: eliminate legal tender laws mandating the use of US Dollars and remove the taxes Federal and State governments place on alternative currencies — such as gold and silver. While the original legislation did apply to "tokens," an updated version should explicitly include the growing market of cryptocurrencies as a good with monetary value that should not be taxed.
... Just as Senator Paul advocated for the ability of Americans to be able to opt-out of the failing Obamacare system, this bill would grant Americans a lifeboat should the weaknesses inherent with the Fed's fiat money regime expose themselves.
Here's why Russia is opening the door to cryptocurrencies
... Russia has announced that it will legalize the use of cryptocurrencies. The government confirmed last week that a draft bill would create the legal framework for trading in bitcoin, dash, ether, and other digital currencies.
Fake News: Reuters Issues Retraction after Labeling Antifa 'Peace Activists'
Left-wing media continues to defend violent alt-left
>> This CLEARLY shows a bias on Reuter's side. By any stretch these should not have been called "peace activists". And the sentence directly, and falsely, implied that the original rally members are the ones who come to a rally for the purpose of beating up peaceful people.

>>What if the reality turned out to be the opposite? Aren't ANTIFA'a strategies definable by this sentence : They come to peaceful rallies organized by those they disagree with, to attack, beat up the rally participants, disrupt the original event and 'hopefully' provoke a response which the faithful mainstream media can then broadcast to infinity (minus the antifa members doing the initial attacking) as 'proof' that the rally was a gathering of inherently violent people.
Germany brings home gold reserves ahead of schedule
>> question to ask : They had originally moved the gold out to keep it away from an aggressive Moscow. But while the media rhetoric esp in Germany has been painting Moscow as evil and aggressive all this time, bringing back a perception of Cold War, does the physical act of bringing the gold back from western nations not confirm that Moscow isn't actually felt to be as dangerous as they are made out to be? AND, the act of moving the gold OUT of western nations : doesn't that show that Germany now actually distrusts the US empire more than it distrusts Russia?
France's Charlie Hebdo Publishes Provocative Islam Cartoon
Shows two people lying in a pool of blood after being run over by a van next to the words, "Islam, eternal religion of peace"
>> What kind of reaction will this earn from the liberals now? And suppose (God forbid) a similar militant attack happened now, would all these ppl again put up "Je suis Charlie" etc on their profiles? The militants' behavior has not changed - they've only gotten more assertive. Has that of the left and liberals?
Indian Court Bans Islamic Instant Divorce in 'giant step for women'
Muslim men can no longer divorce wives by reciting word talaq (divorce) three times
>> Not to overtly support one side or the other, but again, a question to ask: Would such a monumental and much-needed reform in Islam in India have been possible under a pseudo-secular dispensation?
>> Counter question : Would newscasters like Zee News now take the obvious protests that will come from extremist islamic bodies, give them a platform over and above moderate voices welcoming the news, and make it look like the majority muslims are not accepting this reform?
Malcolm X and Ali Warning About Liberals and Multiculturalism -Black Liberty, 2017-02-01
The Simpsons - SJWs at Yale -HolycrapLOL, 2017-04-04
Communism: A Reality Check -Lauren Southern, 2017-08-22
Thought Crimes #3: Honest Conversation vs The Internet -Lauren Southern, 2017-08-24
Real Love Versus Fake Love -Brittany Pettibone, 2017-08-19
Say Goodbye To Your History -Lauren Southern, 2017-08-19
A Larry Nichols Confession: UN Takeover and a Strategic Plan To… Bombshell! -Lisa Haven, 2017-08-22
You'll Be Sick After Hearing What Antifa Has Planned For Nov. 4th! A Petition's Birthed To Stop Them -Lisa Haven, 2017-08-21
America Is Going DARK and Will Be Taken By SURPRISE This MONTH! -Lisa Haven, 2017-08-06
CNN Reporters Left Crying Like Babies After Witnessing What Happened At Trumps Phoenix Event -Lisa Haven, 2017-08-23
FULL SPEECH - PHOENIX RALLY: Trump Defends Charlottesville Remarks, Bashes Media, Talks Arpaio (FNN) -FOX 10 Phoenix, 2017-08-23
What the Media Won't Tell You About Afghanistan -reallygraceful, 2017-08-23
The Rise of White Identity Politics | Peter Brimelow -Matthew Drake, 2017-08-20
Alex Jones Responds To Trump's Historical Speech In Phoenix, Arizona -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-08-24
Why I Changed My Mind on Climate Change -Stefan Molyneux, 2015-11-03
Censorship Is So Progressive -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-08-11
>> This guy speaks my language!!
>> the preceding counter-post

>> He writes about Dr. John Gottman's work. Well, here goes!
Making Relationships Work | Dr. John Gottman | Seattle Rotary Club -Gottman Institute, 2015-09-18
74: John Gottman - How to Build Trust and Positive Energy in Your Relationship -Neil Sattin, 2017-01-19
Drs. John and Julie Gottman: Interview on Modern Romance | Talks at Google -Talks at Google, 2015-12-19
Relationship Repair that Works | Dr. John Gottman -Gottman Institute, 2010-01-18
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse | The Gottman Institute -Gottman Institute, 2014-12-15
The 7 Principles For Making Marriage Work by John Gottman - Relationship Advice ► Book Summary -OnePercentBetter, 2016-01-15 A cycling infrastructure plan for Pune! Lot of interesting map based data and planning gathered here : cycle repair shop locations, routes, parking spaces...
Delhi provides a ray of hope -AAP Well-wishers, 2017-08-26

>> i wrote a post to talk further on this:
Delhi Gov School Walkthrough -AAP Well-wishers, 2017-08-16
Manish Sisodia: Straight from the Heart -AAP Well-wishers, 2017-04-18
Free Surgeries ensure productivity of government hospitals -AAP Well-wishers, 2017-07-15
AAP Healthcare Vision -AAP Well-wishers, 2017-07-13
>> Satyendar Jain explains simple business logic and financial prudence that has led to massive universal healthcare provisions being delivered in Delhi

Same video broken to points:
Playlist : the AAP Mantra
Detailing healthcare policies and reforms
Who's Pushing War With North Korea? -Brother Nathanael, 2017-08-18
#YouTubeJail : 4Chan Organizes Pushback -Black Pigeon Speaks, 2017-08-29
Leaving the Left - My Red Pill Story -Dissent Report, 2017-06-30
Who Is Jared Kushner And Why We Should All Worry Now -WeAreChange, 2017-08-25
Fed Flooding Us With Currency Is An Act Of War -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-08-29
MADE IN RUSSIA: Kalashnikov Unveils Anti-Drone Weapon -Russia Insider, 2017-08-27
SHOCK VIDEO: Alt-Left / ANTIFA Savagely Attack Prayer Meeting, Democrats Cheer -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-08-28
Democrat Mayor Ordered Hurricane Harvey Stand Down In Houston -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-08-28
[162] Russian Hacking Narrative Debunked, CIA Torture Settlement, Burger King Arming Amputees -Redacted Tonight, 2017-08-26
Christian Child Forced Into Muslim Foster Care -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-08-28
Black Trump Supporter Assaulted | R.C. Maxwell and Stefan Molyneux -Stefan Molyneux, 2017-08-27
Video: Houston Mayor Jokes About Not Issuing Evacuation Warning -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-08-28
Global Debt Crisis. Prepare Yourself Accordingly. -Stefan Molyneux, 2017-08-20
Venezuela Readies For U.S Invasion, H3H3 Sargon Legal YouTube Limbo -WeAreChange, 2017-08-28
Ron Paul Demonetized-Twitter Breaking Ranks with the Globalists -The Common Sense Show, 2017-08-29
HOUSTON -Stefan Molyneux, 2017-08-27
The Free Market Has Spoken DTube Is Here! A Blockchain Solution To YouTube Censorship! -Press For Truth, 2017-08-15
Communism: A Reality Check -Lauren Southern, 2017-08-22
Freakish "Chemical Mist" Covers Beach—Forces Evacuations… Hundreds In Hospital! -Lisa Haven, 2017-08-28
CNN Reporters Left Crying Like Babies After Witnessing What Happened At Trumps Phoenix Event -Lisa Haven, 2017-08-23
Trumps Pivot That Will Bring On End Of U.S Empire -WeAreChange, 2017-08-23
What On Earth Is Happening: This Mysterious Countdown Is Sending Shockwaves… -Lisa Haven, 2017-08-24
Ben Shapiro Gets Kicked Out Of A Lecture! Here's What He Had To Say -Intense 5, 2017-08-29
DC and a mother of an 11-month-old reached home at 3am with torn clothes and injuries
>> I don't think this article is well written, so writing another intro:
Deputy Commissioner, Panchkula, Gauri Parasher Joshi, mother to a 1r old, risked her own life to do her job while the police force stood down when dera followers started rampaging in Panchkula (32 people killed, over 250 injured). In the midst of violence, with little protection she went to her office, gave the official order to call in the Army, and went back to the streets of Panchkula to bring back order. She returned home at 3am, bloodied with injuries and declined going to hospital as she felt her wounds were "less serious" compared to others and she didn't want to burden the govt hospital.
Muhammad Brilliantly Exposed By Sam Harris and Joe Rogan -Freedom Speaks, 2017-08-11
>> ignore the title, listen to the video. There's a lot of sense here, of how the Left is going overboard in appeasing extremism in Islam.
Sam Harris Vs. Abby Martin -aNewKingdom, 2017-04-17
>> great inputs from both sides
Reza Aslan Cannot Be Trusted -David Pakman Show, 2016-01-11
The Governments Manufactured Hate Crisis CONFIRMED & EXPOSED -WeAreChange, 2017-08-30
Sickening: Democrats Caught Stealing Hurricane Donations/Charlie Hebdo Claims All Of Houston Racist -The Alex Jones Channel, 2017-08-31
Jordan Peterson: Why Feminists Love Islam and Hate the West -Kill The Messenger, 2017-08-07
DUMBEST ANTI-TRUMP PROTESTERS EVER -Paul Joseph Watson, 2017-08-31
Viral Sensation Slams Fake Race War -Paul Joseph Watson, 2017-08-29
Ex-Muslim Drops Hammer on Reza Aslan, Conservatives, Liberals -David Pakman Show, 2015-12-16
The Truth About the Google 'Diversity' Memo -Paul Joseph Watson, 2017-08-08
A-L-E-R-T: Rothschild Pulls ALOT Of Money Out Of U.S.—Ominous Things Are Coming… -Lisa Haven, 2017-08-31
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Tommy Robinson: Muhammad's Day in Court -Rebel Media, 2017-08-30
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Vivek Kaul on NDTV and BBC:
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Viewpoint: Why Modi's currency gamble was 'epic failure'
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