Saturday, September 16, 2017

A response to the "after 70 years of corruption.." pat reply being xeroxed everywhere

Keeping in mind the 70 years of corruption, we wanted India to vote
OUT of the Cong+BJP combined corrupt regime, recognising that only
concrete steps against entrenched corruption and not grandiose
promises will fix the problems.

But folks were too impatient, they wanted instant solutions. The
candidate who ultimately won promised instant solution, without giving
ANY logical plan of action to how (and a few jhumlas). If nothing
else, at least AAP had some concrete steps laid out like a real
Lokpal, decentralization of finances to citizen-level, right to
recall, increasing judge numbers, due process in land acquisition etc.

BJP only said something to the effect of "we will deliver proper
governance" without any details of a single legislation or reform.. I
read their 2014 Manifesto.

People fell for the one-liner because of their impatience.

Three years later, please tell, exactly how many big-ticket
universally known corrupt politicians have been JAILED since the PM
took office? Does a single one have any serious case proceeding
against them in any court of law? Forget surviving, they are thriving!
Do you think they will be all magically brought to justice one night
by an 8pm announcement?

Every UPA-era scam's details are out in public, many are continuing to
this day with no action taken. Do you seriously believe corruption in
India will be removed in another 700 years forget 70 if exactly
NOTHING is done? Do you honestly believe corruption can be removed
without any action against the entrenched corrupt?

The short-term greed for instant fixes has brought us to a NEVER-fix
situation because we put in power those whose secret funders are the
ones we want to see locked up .

(Yes, I know you didn't understand the above line. Read it again, slowly.)

And some of those fooled people now have the hypocrisy of telling your
and my children that they will have to wait 70 more years to get a
decent life in this country.


There was a school-time proverb : "Haste makes waste". In every way
imaginable, The PM's supporters are running away from what it means,
and pretending to school others about it to distract from their folly.

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