Wednesday, September 6, 2017 is a defamation site

Just putting in a voice. Practically any whistle-blowing thing you
look up on a normal search engine, this site comes in the top 5 or 3
results. And every single time their only goal is to dismiss anything
and everything that disagrees with what the status quo says, as
conspiracy theory. And I've consistently found them indulging in
nothing but defamation. Just the language itself has the innuendo and
the attitude loaded into it.. there is nothing unbiased about it. In
these times when what has been long-held to be true is quickly
unravelling and we're finding out how the status quo has been so wrong
about so many things, it doesn't make sense to be blindly supporting
them and to be dismissing any and every dissenting opinion as a
conspiracy theory. They claim to be anti-conservative but as of today
it's them who are the conservatives.

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