Saturday, September 23, 2017

Successful SSL certification using the free Let's Encrypt service

Securing a website with SSL certificate (https://) for free using Let's Encrypt service through wp-encrypt plugin in wordpress.

I found this tutorial online:

I followed it, and it worked! Our website is now :

Some loose ends to take care of :
1. Some of the image paths are still in http:// and have to be changed.
I'll recommend this plugin for that: , just replaced
http:// with https://

2. Then, some scripts I had embedded via <iframe> : had to change all the
http:// paths to https:// in them too.

Step Omission:
There was one step where it was confusing and it turned out I didn't
have to do it : in the wp-encrpyt plugin, they say see the help tab,
and there the second section instructs us to edit some apache config
file on our server, to edit some <VirtualHost> block. That part was
NOT NEEDED.. folks on GoDaddy hosts can skip that and proceed to next

Important points:
1. I didn't have to pay any money.
2. I didn't have to type in any commands into any server / SSH / etc.
3. There was no waiting period.

Present cost of SSL certs on GoDaddy:
183.25/mo + 366.59/mo renewal. Per year that would come to over Rs.4000/-.
And that's just for single website plans.

Next I'm going to try doing this on a site on bigrock, will write back
here if I encountered any differences in the process or any

Big thanks to Konark, Thej, Devdatta for their help, and I'm really
grateful to the people at Let's Encrypt for doing this for the little

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