Friday, October 20, 2017

Cimate change deniers who are clean energy advocates and anti-pesticides too?

Sharing some articles first; explanation at end.
Zinc battery breakthrough may allow homes to efficiently store energy
for off-grid use
... Relying on the old, but incredibly toxic lithium-ion battery, for
instance, would just be transferring one problem to another. This new
generation of magnesium dioxide-zinc battery may be the answer. The
scientists say that these zinc-anode versions are inexpensive and
could potentially be mass-produced as the main ingredient is an
abundant metal found on Earth.
>> the traditional AA battery is a zinc-carbon one.

>> links to..
Engineers produce long lasting, energy density battery
... A new generation of manganese dioxide-zinc batteries with
unprecedented cycle life and energy density has now been revealed by
scientists. The discovery has made the common household battery
suitable for large grid storage applications.
Battery breakthrough? Membraneless 'flow battery' stores 10 times the
energy of lithium-ion

And then, from the same site:
Climate models to be scrapped? Scientists "retract" previous belief
about carbon dioxide levels during last warming period

>> Mike Adams and many others represent a cognitive dissonance problem for the liberal / left / environmentalist sides : People they would accuse of being "climate change deniers" and by association call them shills for the fossil fuel industry and accuse them of being against a healthy planet.. are also actively promoting off-grid and clean energy technologies, and are vehemently against pollution by pesticides and toxins.

If the global environmental movement had more to do with pesticides
(which is what it is widely said to have started at, with Rachel
Carson's Silent Spring in 1962) than CO2, then a large part of the
"denialist" group, including very influential alternative media
platforms like Infowars, Breitbart, ZeroHedge, Drudge Report etc,
would have been an integral part of the environmental movement.

But the singular focus on CO2 has resulted in both a fragmented
movement, and a gross injustice to Rachel Carson's legacy, as toxic
pesticide makers are given a free pass and even world food prize
awards on occasion; and they can tout their pesticide-pushing products
as solutions to the climate change problem.

Think this is an exaggeration? Tell me when was there a meeting of
high level official representatives of various countries to hammer out
plans to jointly tackle the problems of pesticides, and when has there
been such extensive media coverage, as there have been COP, Climate
Change Summit and such gatherings. Where is the Intergovernmental
Panel on Pesticides? Where are the multinational institutions calling
for global pesticide taxes and caps as they're calling for global
carbon taxes and caps? Where are the pesticide/toxin footprint

But getting back to the main topic : The singular focus on CO2 is
putting the environmental movement at odds with people who'd otherwise
make natural allies.

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