Friday, October 20, 2017

The difference between Manoj Bhargava and Bill Gates (health matters)

Sharing a significance difference I have seen between the approach of
two billionaire philanthropists : Bill Gates, and Manoj Bhargava and
the starkly different outcomes of those approaches.

BIll Gates : There's many diseases. So, let's vaccinate everybody
using a centrally produced, patented set of chemical and biological
agents that are difficult and expensive to make and deliver. And we
need to do that for each and every living human being as soon as they
are born for ever and ever and that's the only way the human species
can live disease-free. To implement this we need an invasive big
government structure to keep track of each and every human being, and
punish parents who do not co-operate to have their babies injected.
And we will be perpetually dependent on centralized industries for

Manoj Bhargava: There's many diseases, because of poor health which
weakens the body's immune system. When people lack basic needs like
clean water, electricity, and nutritious food, the result is poor
health. So let's make clean water, nutritious food and electricity
available and accessible to all. Let's do it through decentralized,
non-patented, inexpensive ways. We don't need to hunt down every
parent and baby, we don't need to be dependent on anybody.

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