Monday, October 30, 2017

Thank God progressives didn't mess Hinduism they way they are messing...

This might get offensive, but I wish to make a point.

Hindus are really lucky that the British ended the practice of Sati (widow burning) and did a lot to end caste-based Apartheid...

Long before progressives / liberals / feminists / leftists who dominate the Western mainstream today rose into prominence.

Because if those folks had been around back then and were as influential as they are now,

Then they would have raised a furore and prevented the British from doing so.

They would have argued that in the name of tolerance and multi-culturalism we must celebrate and honor the Hindu traditions,

Even though some of those traditions were clear violations of human rights.

And they would have branded anyone who dared to speak up against these traditions, 

including moderate Hindus, 

as Hindu-o-phobes.

They would have gotten laws made that fined or jailed people for speaking against these things in public

They would have made hate figures out of them

And scared people off from entertaining the idea 

that there could one day be a Hinduism free of these problematic parts and flourishing

This nanny-like hyper protectionism

Which results in preventing people from learning accountability for their actions and behaviour

Would have only resulted in the Hindu community continuing archaic and inhuman practices like Sati and caste apartheid,

and going steadily backward into the 21st century,

In the name of tolerance and multiculturalism.

Yes, the Hindus were lucky.

Too bad the Muslims of the Middle-East (and increasingly the Muslims of Europe and America) aren't as lucky!

They're stuck with an ever-more-watchful progressive / liberal lobby

Who quickly shoot down any and all attempts to reform Islam, from both inside and outside.

They even brand moderate Muslims as Islamophobes and de-legitimise their questioning,

In the name of tolerance and multi-culturalism,

And have prevented Islam from shedding its archaic components and moving forward.

In the process they have done precisely what they thought they were protecting against

As more and more of the modern world now sees Islam and Muslims as too backward and violent to co-exist with.

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