Friday, February 23, 2018

Rethinking series : Feminism, Masculinity, Patriarchy

Holy crap, It's me again ;)

I'd like to invite you to a story.
Imagine that your whole life as a child you had to live inside the jaws of a monster.
Then when you came of age, you peeked outside and saw a much better world.
You got out and got as far away from that monster as you could.
Your focus was now on making sure you avoid / push back that monster come what may.
But you didn't notice there were other monsters around too.
Because you had experienced only one, you assumed that there was only one monster in the entire world. Or maybe you just haven't given it much thought yet.
And while doing your best to avoid the one monster you really, really want to keep away because you know it, 
You don't notice that you're stepping into the jaws of another monster.

What happens when a binary mindset collides with a multi-layered perspective of reality?

This BBC Channel 4 interview of Jordan Peterson by TV journalist Cathy Newman kind of broke the internet recently. 
Having personally experienced and also acted in the phenomenon of wholly misrepresenting something by "so you're saying that  ________ <insert the worst thing you can possibly imagine>", I totally loved it.

Jordan Peterson debate on the gender pay gap, campus protests and postmodernism -Channel 4 News, 2018-01-16
(30 mins)

By the end of the interview, the links between the gender battles and liberty-authoritarian face-offs just come tumbling out.

And in the middle he does a "jab dil pe lagegi, tabhi toh baat banegi" moment too which brings home the importance of freedom of speech especially when we don't approve of the speech.

Here's an NVC-types lady talking about the interview, linking it to feminism and dialogue. Bit weird but made a lot of great points:

A Psychologist and a Former Channel 4 Producer Discuss Cathy Newman -PhilosophyInsights, 2018-02-04
(11 mins)

One phrase from this that stuck in my mind:
"Blind projection of rage"

Side-track: It ties in loosely to my problem with leaderless movements.

One more video, a follow-up interview of Peterson, talking about the first interview:

Cathy Newman Thought She Won The Debate -H3 Podcast Highlights, 2018-02-03
(i frankly disagree with the title; the content is about more than that)

PS: When it says "Rethinking", that's what it means.

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