Thursday, February 22, 2018

Stable Government

The meaning of stable government

You are getting screwed by the system : overcharges by utility, refused pension, property document not given, road, water connection not happening, scholarship fund never came, subsidy not being released, reimbursements not coming, bank account got emptied, trees getting chopped for no reason, whatever. You go to various offices with your issue:

Local corporator(s): Go f**k yourself
MLA: Go f**k yourself
MP: Go f**k yourself
Police: Go f**k yourself
Courts: Pay our lawyers all your money, spend decades and then go f**k yourself.
NGOs: Did we tell you to vote those assholes into power? Go f**k yourself.
RTI: Apellate authority seats are lying vacant! Go f**k yourself.
Jan Lokpal : Doesn't exist because you didn't care. Go f**k yourself.
Mohalla Sabha: Doesn't exist because you thought a GREAT leader at the top was the magic bullet for all problems. Go f**k yourself.
PM's citizens portal : There's a billion of you. What did you expect other than a 1:1billion lottery system? Go f**k yourself.

That's STABLE government. It's MONOPOLY, re-branded. What you wish for and what's advertised may be any other thing, but this is what it boils down to. Stable government = monopoly.
So, apni life toh dubaa di screensaver se impress hokar. Do you want your children also to live under a "stable" government? Or would you prefer a stable citizen's democracy that must, by definition, mean unstable, competition-based political uncertainty.

Unstable government = Stable democracy.
Dimaag ladao, Desh bachao.

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