Friday, July 27, 2018

Article: Can 'Localism' Restore Sanity to Politics?

Can 'Localism' Restore Sanity to Politics?

Article shared in localfutures newsletter:

My 'divisive' input on this: infowars, naturalnews, jordan peterson, ben shapiro, dave rubin, milo, lauren southern, candance owens, someblackguy, lee camp, brittany pettibone and such folks

..that google, twitter, facebook, cnn, huffpost, time, salon, buzzfeed, snopes, guardian, university professors, billionaire-funded ngos, BLM, antifa et al are hell-bent on exterminating,

have the principles discussed in this article at their core, 

and it has everything to do with whether we focus on individuals and common rules, liberties for all, 

or on group identities where we want to pick and choose and put aside basic principles based on our subjective emotions, blame everything on some generic group, punish people arbitrarily for the crimes of their ancestors' ruling elte oppressors, and pit people against each other with no recourse to peace.

The people being ad nauseum labeled as 'alt right', 'far right', 'nazis', 'racists', 'mysoginists', 'homophobes' etc (including blacks, women, gays) are imho far more likely to champion localism than the people calling for highly centralized, privatized, unaccountable tech giants and govts to censor them and eliminate their voice out of an artificially induced fake news and hate psychosis.

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