Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fwd: Lokpal bill - how to register your protest on Internet



There is a strong back-lash by certain Ministers of the Govt on the inclusion of PM & other senior Ministers in the Lokpal Bill. Actually it is all a hogwash to dilute the bill itself. There is a strong media campaign against the civil society members of the Lokpal bill drafting committee, with character assassination etc . Somehow the looters have always kept the law away from them and taken advantage of the slow judiciary, weakening of cases by CBI. This includes both the bribe givers and the bribe takers.


What therefore is the solution……creating public opinion and giving feedback is a good way of doing so. The Govt of India now has many websites, where you can register your views. There are many NGO's creating on-line petitions…the internet generation can at least spare the time to write to various arms of Govt of India.


They parliament rules in the name of people , but wants civil society out by claiming parliamentary immunity…….....'YOU ARE RULING IN MY NAME BUT I HAVE NO SAY'… I believe this needs a change


Here are 2 online websites


PM of  India website.


At the bottom of the page is 'feedback' bar. You are free to express your views to the PM office directly on the grievance subject.


If you feel strongly on the subject of corruption, please circulate this mail to as many like minded friends as possible.


Wishing India all the best.




(forwared by a friend)

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