Thursday, June 23, 2011

RangDe: Proud to be micro-financing a solar oven assembler!

Ambika Manikandan 's Evaluation Notes

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The loan allowed Ambika to buy the components for her business in larger numbers. She told Ajesh our evaluator that this has helped her to cater to more clients and she is able to sell more of the solar powered ovens that she assembles. Her two year old business has seen a marked improvement and she is able to repay the loan with ease.
Evaluated by Ajesh 1 month ago
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Location : Palakkad, Kerala      Activity : Solar ovens selling Current Loan Status : Repaying
Ambika is involved in an unusual occupation. She buys oven parts and assembles it into solar powered ovens. They are then sold under the brand name of "Excellent". She works in a team and she needs funds to buy the parts. She operates from home and is a significant contributor to the family income. Her daughter is in class twelve and Ambika would like to see her complete her education.

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