Sunday, January 27, 2013

Game Theory

Would Prince of Persia 3/4/whatever, or any adventure / role playing
game be as much fun if from the start everything was fine and there were
no problems, no issues that threatened to wipe out everyone and
everything we've known and cared for?

No. It would be totally boring. You'd probably deliberately fail
missions or kill your own people just for the sake of doing something
out of the ordinary. Let's face it : we need something big at stake to
really get ourselves to push forward and DO stuff... and to have fun
doing it.

So let's apply that to real life as well, shall we?

I hear worries and complaints about the way the world is going, the way
despite seeing all this peril in the face, the governments and larger
social structures are not only not fixing anything; they are also
getting in the way of anyone who wants to fix anything. It's as if
there's deliberate and conscious efforts going in to prevent anything
good from happening. Look at how arduous, how gigantic the challenge!

Well, let me ask you: applying the same game theory here, if there were
no challenges and no difficulties and everything was hunky-dory,
WHERE WOULD BE THE FUN IN DOING any of what needs to be done?

Quit complainin', unsheath your weapon and Game up, buddy. This is gonna
be EPIC.

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