Sunday, January 27, 2013

Think twice before blaming freedom of speech

When I shared my last article on the factors that lead to acceptance of eve teasing, I got a comment: "freedom of speech! the two-edged sword"

So I want to tackle this thought. Here's my reply:

wrong. satellite TV has been purposefully pushed because it is the best way for the state to homogenize the country. wired cable networks, given time, would have evolved to make their own local channels and have regional oriented content and discussions delivered - people to people. They couldn't be monitored by the govt. That's the real reason why they were closed. Now any content to be aired has to go thru the govt-industrial complex that controls the satellite broadcasts. They cut off voices from the communities which would have tackled these issues at a local level.

All these unhealthy influences have piggy-backed on the centralized system whose motive was to prevent free speech. And don't think the govt is against channels as it professes - that's just a front. They're doing exactly what they are meant to do: occupy people's time and prevent local communities from inter-communication.

The internet that brings 2-way communication : that's enabling people to really think and exchange ideas : that's freedom of speech in action. A person on the net has equal opportunity to exposure to ideas that promote humane treatment of women. Look at the TV channels: already they're shifting focus from this issue and promoting Indo-Pak hatred, in turn promoting the very aggressive mentality that causes the rapes.

We ought to be aware of these blanket declarations. it is the desire to control people's lives, to prevent people from communicating with one another, that is causing these problems.

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