Thursday, January 31, 2013

India loves Pakistan

This is an initiative to build a people-to-people bridge of peace and love between traditionally rival nations, through posters with messages of peace. It started between Israel-Iran and has since spread elsewhere. There was an inspiring talk about this posted on, you can see it here:

Check out the Israel Loves Iran facebook page:

I'm attaching the 2 posters I created, so you can get a feel of this.

So, IF you're interested, here's something you can do:
1. Send me a pic of yours, or a group pic (taking permission of everyone who's in it), and I can make a poster of it similar to the ones I've attached and send it back to you.
2. Upload it on facebook
3. Share it with me ( - add me!) OR post it on (But note, I'm not managing that page)
4. If you're feeling nervous about putting your own pic, you could share a non-personal pic (like the handshake one I've put)

Apart from this, you can spread the love by sharing the posters I've posted on facebook:

The idea is to spread love and peace among the citizens of our countries. The common citizens : the boys, girls, men, women, grandparents... they are not evil; we all want to live a happy life and don't have any desire to kill or hurt anyone. We can skip over all our politicians, extremist elements and love each other, people to people. And if enough of us do that, then maybe one day we can end hostilities and have peace and friendship!

Additional: In case you're still feeling vary about "the evil enemy", see this short and brilliant blog article by a friend of mine who recently visited Pakistan :

Additional: Make your own poster! Download the ppts of these at and put your photos in, play around!

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